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5 Leadership Lessons: Tireless—Key Principles That Drive Success Beyond Business School

Tireless Kim Lorenz

YOUR NEXT DECISION could dictate the trajectory you take. In Tireless, Kim Lorenz encourages us to look for opportunities both as an entrepreneur and in the company where we work, that will propel us to success.

Lorenz co-founded two companies that he eventually sold to Fortune 500’s. He shares his experiences and those of others to give us a picture of the principles that bring success and the mindset required to see the opportunities in front of us. Here are five thoughts from Kim Lorenz:

1  “You and only you, make the choices you make. Believing in opportunity, and believing that opportunities are in front of you all the time, helps you make better decisions and look for what is in front of you yet often not visualized. It is the leaders—those who see the opportunity disguised as a problem—who think through solutions and become partners in the positive changes needed. You can make that decision to be part of positive change, and you can start today.”

2  “Improving your mental attitude opens your eyes to better opportunities and allows you to visualize positive steps that you might not otherwise see. We all hear the glass is half-empty to some, while half-full to others. Thinking along the more positive, ‘half-full’ scenario leads to looking for the rest of an opportunity as opposed to thinking negatively and waiting for the remainder of the negative. Your subconscious never rests, so it is important to be aware and try to use it as a positive force. Look for opportunity that is there. Your self-talk is with you all the time. Make it positive. Only you can make the choice and set the direction for your self-talk.”

3  “’This might work,’ discipline involves making the choice to get off your butt and do something. That ‘doing’ could be learning and applying that knowledge, trying something new or going full-out on a business idea. Simple discipline can be applied to any person, in any situation. Simply put, it is developing a habit of questioning everything; not accepting things as they seem to be, and asking yourself why they are not. Discipline also involves taking initiative and taking the first steps to imagine and create what you think might be possible. As the Nike slogan says, Just Do It! When you are dreaming of something you really want to do, start thinking about what the first step is and take that step. You will not only feel better, but you will also likely commit to accomplishing more. Only you can choose to strive to do more in any situation. Do not worry about what blunders might ensure. Work through them and find the opportunity that results.”

4  “Many who have made it to the top sometimes get into a familiar rut, going through each day the same as the day before. They made it to the top position, perhaps as CEO, and then their goals to achieve more are just not as appealing to them. [See Are You Leading for the Right Reasons?] At the same time, other CEO’s continue to improve, add value to the business, expand, and do great things. They too must continually improve and find new ways to do business. We all put on our pants the same way, after all. The difference is what you mentally establish regarding what you need to do and your level of follow-through. Continual success requires the tireless discipline to do it; taking the time to write down the goals. This is what makes the difference between the ordinary leader and the exceptional, growing leader.”

5  “In both business and personal relationships, the bottom line is the same: how you treat people is always a reflection on you. A genuine, self-confident person treats all people the same, regardless of position, gender, race, or social status. Every person has their own story, their own struggles, and their own hopes and dreams. While we realistically cannot listen to all of them, we can make a better effort to get to know the people around us.”

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