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LeadershipNow 140: December 2009 Compilation


twitter Here are a selection of tweets from December 2009:
  • Leading Blog selected as one of the top 10 leadership blogs of 2009 by @mikemyatt > http://bit.ly/6GWZwZ Thank you!
  • Leadership Un-Conference: LeaderPalooza: Have you ever noticed how quickly a fire dies out when you separate http://bit.ly/8bRISj
  • @tom_peters: NewTech=Mega-WOW. But: basics=basics. E.g., "Thank you." PowerTool Then. Now. Tomorrow. >Timeless!
  • Poem for the times. FT: The Bankers Who Wouldn’t Say Sorry: A Cautionary Tale http://bit.ly/50VLPW
  • Scott Berkun on speaking: It's the mistakes you make before you even say a word that matter most - preparation matters
  • Until 2024, in America on average 100 boomers turn 60 every 13 min. That's a lot of people asking "What am I doing with my life?" D Pink in Drive
  • What your team members want from you: Are you a boss? Here are seven things your team members want from you http://bit.ly/6A77A3
  • RT @hulmevision: Page through beautiful new issue of Vision, includes leadership article http://bit.ly/2qJTlU
  • RT @Xlead: Great video - London Business School’s Don Sull discusses how to find the upside in volatile times http://icio.us/jooubo
  • How to raise your game in 2010: Following a year of high anxiety, Stefan Stern offers three practical ideas to help http://bit.ly/7jpOsF
  • Scott Elbin: The Diplomatic Approach to Senior Leadership http://bit.ly/80CoFP
  • Professor Michael Roberto's Blog: Are you a micromanager? http://bit.ly/8F9p5u
  • LeaderTalk: Becoming is hard work. (Encouraging post.) http://ow.ly/Oka8
  • @mjasmus: New post: Cultivating Talent http://bit.ly/4QHjyS >Always Good!
  • Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man http://bit.ly/5N3SO9
  • Business Pundit: The 75 Best Business Blogs of 2009 http://bit.ly/65WnKI
  • RT @Xlead: Where do our leadership models and leadership lessons come from? Do We Celebrate the Wrong CEOs? http://bit.ly/7H9lnY
  • People who find happiness & meaning at work, usually find it at home as well. (BusinessWeek) http://bit.ly/7jCH95
  • Value added by best CEOs: Research shows that all the leading bosses proved their worth over an extended period http://bit.ly/83m3Vc
  • Tom Peters: Appreciation! "Tool" No.1 http://bit.ly/6LwcS9
  • The Teacher as Leader: Paul Samuelson and Phil Jackson http://bit.ly/5Ay6vB
  • deGier: The Art of Communication http://bit.ly/8pAwFd
  • CB Sully Sullenberger says, we need to try to do the right thing every time. We don’t know what moment in our lives we will be judged on.
  • RT @wallybock: Leadership might be a bad choice for you if ... http://ow.ly/K3LI
  • RT @michaelaroberto Round 4 in this week's look at classic reads for leaders: http://bit.ly/8S3otz
  • Jim Rohn tribute - September 17, 1930 - December 5, 2009 http://tribute.jimrohn.com/
  • RT @tsattersten: Economist chooses Too Big To Fail, Lords of Finance, How Markets Fail ... for its 2009 biz books - http://bit.ly/4wxmIr
  • RT @Mark_Sanborn: What makes a company great? http://bit.ly/6bmUw8 >>Great interview with Joseph A. Michell
  • FT: A question all leaders should ask themselves http://bit.ly/6q3lYp
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