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First Look: Leadership Books for June 2024

First Look Books

HERE'S A LOOK at some of the best leadership books to be released in June 2024 curated just for you. Be sure to check out the other great titles being offered this month.

9781594204128On the Edge: How Successful Gamblers Think and What It Tells Us About Navigating Risk by Nate Silver

In the bestselling The Signal and the Noise, Nate Silver showed how forecasting would define the age of Big Data. Now, in this timely and riveting new book, Silver investigates “the River,” the community of like-minded people whose mastery of risk allows them to shape—and dominate—so much of modern life. These professional risk-takers—poker players and hedge fund managers, crypto true believers and blue-chip art collectors—can teach us much about navigating the uncertainty of the twenty-first century.

9780063293670Good Judgment: Making Better Business Decisions with the Science of Human Personality by Richard Davis

In Good Judgment, Dr. Davis explains what the science of personality is and how it works, and how all of us can use it to improve our working relationships, careers, and lives. Whether you’re a novice manager looking to hire your first assistant, a board member in need of the ideal CEO, an angel investor trying to choose between two different startups, or a new parent selecting a pediatrician, understanding the science of personality and how to utilize it is the key to exercising good judgment—at work and in life.

9781955026208Beyond the Sea: Leading with Love from the Nuclear Navy to the White House and Healthcare by Robert "Navy Bob" Roncska

Robert Roncska offers insights into the transformation of positive cultures that turned sour and negative cultures that became renowned. When he assumed command of the USS Texas, the ship ranked at the bottom of its squadron and faced recurring safety issues. Through innovative strategies, he successfully transformed the culture, propelling his submarine's ranking and retention from last place to first place in the Pacific Fleet within a remarkable two-year period. Starting with a loving and people-centric approach, Roncska laid the groundwork of trust, standards, and purpose. In this book, he presents a roadmap that leaders can adapt to any industry, empowering readers to create high-quality relationships and elevate their organization's performance beyond expectations.

9781647827540How Leaders Learn: Master the Habits of the World's Most Successful People by David Novak with Lari Bishop

When you put learning at the center of everything you do, you grow your career, your leadership, your relationships, and your joy and fulfillment in life. But even for people who are naturally curious and interested in solving problems, being an effective learner who can turn their learning into action takes insight and practice. With infectious enthusiasm and optimism, David Novak shows you how to master active learning. This compilation of wisdom and practical habits from Novak's life and from some of the most successful leaders in the world—CEOs from many industries, military and political leaders, sports greats, experts, and coaches—is your active-learning practice manual. Chapter by chapter, Novak and his all-star roster of leaders share how they've climbed to the highest levels in their fields.

9781647826239The AI-Savvy Leader: Nine Ways to Take Back Control and Make AI Work by David De Cremer

The AI transformation is underway, but where are the leaders who will ensure their companies implement AI successfully and responsibly? Up until now, leaders have largely ceded their role in the AI transformation, pushing strategy formulation out to tech teams and leaving investment decisions to groups that don't have a full view of the organization or its goals. A generation of AI transformation failures awaits if leaders don't connect their use of AI to their strategies. This book helps leaders take control of the wildly rapid deployment of AI across organizations. Clearly and concisely, it focuses on the nine actions leaders need to take in order to successfully preside over the transition to a more AI-centric future that will lead to growth for all—companies and workers—and avoid the kinds of mistakes that author David De Cremer has seen many early adopters make.

9788888453124The Gouge! How to Be Smarter Than the Situation You Are In by Admiral Bob Harward

The Gouge, in military parlance, is what you really need to know in order to be smarter than the situation you are in. As a US Navy SEAL, who became a Vice Admiral, Bob Harward lived by the Gouge and used it as a guiding principle for leadership and day-to-day life. More specifically, his success in his military and corporate careers was predicated on the people who worked with him, and for him. Now, he is sharing it with the world. In this book, he uses life stories to illustrate how anyone can use the Gouge, not only for their own well-being but also for any organization or community. At its foundation, it is your personal contract with people and humanity. In this book, Harward boils all of this down into the Gouge philosophy and its key ingredients: on how to move yourself and the people around you forward, using the best information and experienced based knowledge, so that you too can live by the Gouge.

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“Miss a meal if you have to, but don't miss a book.”
— Jim Rohn

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