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4th and Goal Every Day

4th and Goal


VER THE LAST DECADE, University of Alabama’s Nick Saban—one of college football’s winningest coaches— has produced four national championships. What makes them so successful?

The secret is that it is fourth and goal every day.

Phil Savage of the Crimson Tide Sports Network, explains in 4th and Goal Every Day: Alabama's Relentless Pursuit of Perfection, “Alabama goes for it. Alabama wins more than anyone else because it is 4th and goal to these people in Crimson every practice, every meeting, every game, every day. Do not underestimate the power of that mindset.”

When they find themselves in a chaotic game situation, Alabama is prepared because, as they say, “We played this game four times already this week.” You play the game the way you practice, says Saban.

Daily urgency is core to the Alabama program. Saban is concerned about the details—the fundamentals. “The fundamentals and practice regimen require players to play to a standard. They do not play to the level of their opponent. They play to a standard set by Nick Saban and established by the team leaders.”

Linebacker Dillon Lee said, “We would go in the game and everyone just feels like we played this game. It’s not going to be more physical than practice, it’s not going to be harder than practice. Everything will be slower, based off how we practiced.”

Phil Savage says these are life lessons being taught on the field. “The Alabama practices reveal the grit in their players, one by one. Players learn determination and how to deal with adversity.” He adds, “What parents want to happen after four years is to see that their son came out the other side of the Process with resolve and a will to succeed in life. The parents covet the diploma, but they covet most the work ethic players are taught in practice, the forty-year bargain with Nick Saban, not the four-year deal.”

How might some of these concepts play out in your leadership and impact your team or organization?

Some more thoughts from Phil Savage and co-author Ray Glier:

The Crimson Tide does not just recruit high school players, it evaluates them psychologically to determine if they can fit into the culture. Alabama is a demanding place to play, and the staff will dig in on a prospect and investigate how he handles criticism or being corrected. Mental makeup is important, critical, in recruiting a player. If you are a high school player with all the measurables and you did not get offered by Alabama, look in the mirror.

You are expected to get used to the sniping at Alabama and come out the other end a better man and a better person. If you don’t join in, it is hard to survive. Your attitude must be to be part of the ride, and the fun, or else. No one is allowed to sulk for long. One reason a player was offered a scholarship at Alabama is that he knows how to bounce back up and take some mental grinding.

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