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LeadershipNow 140: April 2010 Compilation


twitter Here are a selection of tweets from April 2010:
  • Leadership—It's (Much) More than Position - Imagining the Future of Leadership Series-Harvard Business Review http://bit.ly/d3LH7y
  • Scott Eblin: Three Dozen Predictable Situations That Executives Will Face in Their Careers http://bit.ly/d1cp0S
  • "He's great, but there’s something missing." What It Means to Lead with Presence by John Baldoni
  • FT: Think clearly in a crisis and be decisive by Stefan Stern http://bit.ly/ahXZhM
  • Often when we talk about great leaders, we mean great managers. Much of leadership training is about developing formal skills needed to be great manager.
  • 6 Steps to Greater Than Yourself by Steve Farber http://bit.ly/9eNpR7
  • FREE eBook: Meeting of the Living Dead | New Rules of Work http://bit.ly/b6JfMV (PDF)
  • JohnBaldoni: Is there a way to defend yourself without being defensive? http://s.hbr.org/9ZNbnm
  • C.K. Prahalad: The Responsible Manager by Bret L. Simmons http://bit.ly/9x5TlZ
  • Dr David Ballard: Study suggest moral actions may increase capacity for willpower & physical endurance http://j.mp/dhktmk
  • Tom Peters: Putting my stake in the ground on this: EXCELLENCE IS NOT AN "ASPIRATION." EXCELLENCE IS THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES
  • Brian Davis: Doing what is right no matter what it costs you > http://bit.ly/aIol6m
  • "Your ego is not your friend and does not have your best interests at heart." @scottleadership http://bit.ly/bp8TFg
  • Wally Bock: Book Review: Appetite for America http://bit.ly/dr3ZR5 Great review of a important part of bus/cultural history
  • Paul Johnson: Great Leaders Listen and Tell the Truth via @forbes http://cptl.st/90NHvY
  • What leaders do, as distinct from from what leadership is, has changed dramatically.
  • @NewRulesofWork: New blog post: First rule of Management is showing up http://ow.ly/1xFCo Too many mgrs missing in action.
  • 10 Famous, Inspirational Leaders and Their Favorite Books http://bit.ly/cof0wx
  • @rosasay: Have you tried Smashwords yet? My free ebook there: http://ow.ly/1yyCD Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks
  • @coachgoldsmith: "To Help Others Develop, Start with Yourself" http://bit.ly/d2TtdE | Good read!
  • @tom_peters: Must read Washington's "Rules of Civility"-110 rules which guided this quintessential gentlemen | http://bit.ly/c6BsB
  • FT: Dear Lucy: Lesson in learning to lead from where you are http://bit.ly/9GDsct
  • “By the end of this course, I hope to be the least important person in this room” says Wendy Richmond (what leadership sounds like)
  • @DavidWeedmark: It's time to Re-define Leadership http://bit.ly/cQzoFV
  • Ten Things to Stop Avoiding by @mjasmus http://bit.ly/9m6jsy
  • @RosabethKanter: A leadership pause: Great leaders have often lost power, struggled, then returned as better leaders http://bit.ly/blN2GE
  • @LeaderTalk: A Crisis of Confidence http://bit.ly/cjxBDQ Getting past the "disorientation phase of the learning cycle"
  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks because you wear out before the dog does.
  • @mikemyatt: The importance of leading change: http://bit.ly/aXieQZ
  • The Economist: Psychology of power http://ow.ly/1vQSJ Power corrupts, but it corrupts only those who think they deserve it
  • To innovate: We have to be willing to risk looking like we don't know the answer, or maybe even the question.
  • "It's easy to be a short-term hero." Paul Polman CEO of Unilever in FT
  • The Collapse of Complex Business Models: http://bit.ly/cwIwxq
  • Strategy+Business: Management by Reflection http://ow.ly/1tRZH The most powerful way to learn is by reflecting on your own experience
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