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Stimulus Package 4 - Free Book: Up, Down, or Sideways

StimulusPackageHere’s a stimulus package to get you thinking. It’s a package designed to serve as a catalyst to help you to find ways to make things work and get things done. While you might think of it as a piece of good fortune, don’t think of it as a bailout. You’ve still got to do the inside work.

In partnership with Mark Sanborn, we are giving away three autographed copies of Up, Down, or Sideways: How to Succeed When Times are Good, Bad, or In Between. Up, Down, or Sideways answers the question: What should we consistently do to ensure present and future success?

Up Down Sideways
For a chance to receive a free copy, you must do two things. First, leave a comment by midnight, Monday, October 10th, on this post about what methods and mindsets you have practiced when times were Up or Sideways that are paying dividends now that times are Down or what interests you about this book. Secondly, Tweet a link to this post or if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can use Facebook.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011 we will randomly select three recipients to receive a free copy. We will contact you by e-mail for your address.

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Posted by Michael McKinney at 08:27 AM
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Up: this will not last, do not get too fat.
Down: this will not last, do not starve yourself to death trying to save food.
Sideways: Find the things you control, and prepare them for change.

When things are up, apply a level of scrutiny to the financial area that you would usually only resort to if things were down. Then, when things go down, you'll can use all your energy to innovate rather than spending it on emotional re-budgeting.

Maintain a behavior of frugality with expenditures, whether they be personal or business, in all Up, Down, or Sideways times. This will help prevent the need for heightened reduction activities in down times.

In addition to trimming the budget even in "fat" times, and cross-training throughout our practice so that we have lots of redundancy, we continuing to invest in our most important asset -- our team -- as well as our clients. We upped our participation in social media and word of mouth marketing and developed a content-rich website -- all of which are definitely paying benefits now. While other practices have suffered from a drastic drop in caseload, we have not. In fact, we hired another doctor and support staff when lay offs were happening throughout our industry. The best time to prepare for "down" is when you're "up"!

Interesting book:)

As an individual practitioner, I have learned the value of making very strategic decisions about where my time, talent, and treasure goes. This has paid off in removing some of the instability from changing revenue streams and the like.

Some of my professional colleagues tend to load on extras when times are good, which can mean more high tech toys, fancier marketing tools, or just more expensive meeting sites. One person told me during a discussion that you have to project an image of prosperity even when you are not.

I don't buy that. If you do not over-extend yourself, you reduce the impact of that over-extension when the branch you crawled out on gets sawed off.

As I said, the book sounds very interesting and I look forward to reading it soon:)


When things are Up, I typically remind myself to control my spending, save money for that proverbial rainy day, and continue to pay down my debts...but also remember to treat myself to the occasional night out or 3 day weekend. When things are Down, I remind myself that there are opportunities out there that fit, I just have to work harder to find them. I also surround myself with positive things like family, good friends and don't dwell in the negative and, above all, remember that 'this too will pass'. When things are Sideways, I take a hybrid approach between Up and Down, work hard to make things better, surround myself with positive things and remember to take care of myself and family...I set the example for myself, family and friends in all these situations to remind them and myself that things are what we make them.

Up, Down or Sideways- staying focused on what is important in both the short term and the long term, and assuring that it is those few things that will move the needle.
Daily personal journal, expressing 3 things I am grateful for, 1 thing that stood out as exceptional in the day, and 1 area of strength to focus on for that day. (to stay positive).
Leaving room in the day for the unexpected.
Leaving room in the day to move the needle on longer term objectives.
(I would love to read this book)

There are a few practices that I find helpful in smoothing out the sine waves. Thrift, daily exercise, eating well, taking personal time to reflect, plan, and connect to purpose. The externals are always changing, my attitude doesn't have to.

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