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Sun Tzu: The Art of War for Managers - 50 Strategic Rules Updated for Today's Business
Gerald A. Michaelson

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Format: Paperback, 224pp.
ISBN: 9781605500300
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation
Pub. Date: May 18, 2010

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Item No: 9781605500300

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Organized around 50 rules for strategic thinking, The Art of War for Managers translates the strategic wisdom of Sun Tzu into powerful 10-minute lessons to enhance your business and personal success. The book focuses on how to apply Sun Tzu's wisdom to business and personal success. The content has three unique features. 1. A new translation of "The Art of War." 2. Excerpts from other translations clarify meanings. 3. Text is simplified into 50 rules for strategic thinking enhanced by useful examples.

The 50 rules for strategic thinking will assist in your search for useful applications of Sun Tzu's wisdom. Each rule is supported by examples showing how this rule has been, and can be, applied. In a new section in this edition, contemporary managers discuss their personal experiences in applying these rules.


"Michaelson is Sun Tzu's foremost student and interpreter. He brings home the business relevance of this ancient military strategist in down-to-earth language."
—Al Vogl, editor of The Conference Board Magazine

"Brilliant work! The useful commentary in The Art of War for Managers brings Sun Tzu's timeless wisdom to a new level."
—Gen. Bill Creech, Author, The Five Pillars of TQM

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Gerald A. Michaelson has a long and distinguisher career in business. A former vice president of Magnavox and a recognized authority on "The Art of War," he has addressed audiences on five continents on the wisdom of Sun Tzu. His articles on the application of military strategy to business regularly appear in business publications. His companions books include Winning the Marketing War and 50 Ways to Close a Sale (and Keep the Customer for Life). "Winning the Marketing War compares the best of Eastern strategy and Western strategy.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Laying Plans
Ch. 2Waging War
Ch. 3Attack by Stratagem
Ch. 4Disposition of Military Strength
Ch. 5Use of Energy
Ch. 6Weakness and Strength
Ch. 7Maneuvering
Ch. 8Variation of Tactics
Ch. 9On the March
Ch. 10Terrain
Ch. 11The Nine Varieties of Ground
Ch. 12Attack by Fire
Ch. 13Employment of Secret Agents
End Notes

Customer Reviews
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