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The Fred Factor: Every Person's Guide to Making the Ordinary Extraordinary!

Mark Sanborn

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Format: Paperback, 80pp.
ISBN: 0937539627
Publisher: Executive
Pub. Date: June 2002

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Item No: 9780385513517

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Get Fred!

You can learn a lot from a mailman! Let Mark Sanborn, internationally acclaimed author and speaker, introduce you to Fred the postman and his remarkable way of making the ordinary . . . Extraordinary!

Everyone makes a difference. The only question at the end of the day is, What kind of difference did you make?

Everything is built on relationships. It is the humanness that makes a business great, not the businessness.

You must continually create value for others, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny. You can replace money with imagination. The object is to outthink your competition rather than to outspend them.

You can reinvent yourself regularly. No matter where you live, what job you hold, or what industry you work in, you wake up every morning with a blank slate and you can make your business and your life anything you choose!


"The Fred Factor" is a powerful, poignant parable of success! It's about going the extra mile and always doing more than is expected. It is revolutionary, yet simple. It is life changing!
—Brian Tracy, author of Focal Point

Mark Sanborn is a phenomenal speaker and an outstanding storyteller. This work is a superb extension of his wisdom. It'll only take you a few minutes to read but it's guaranteed to give you a lifetime of value. Enjoy the book and share it with everyone in your organization for maximum benefit.
—Nido R. Qubein, author Starway to Success

Goodness is in shorter supply than is necessary. The Fred Factor is a book about how all of us can add to the goodness in the world through simple daily acts that touchthe lives of others. This is good for you and also good for your business. People are starving for genuine human attention. Become a Fred, eliminate the sgortage, and have a great time doing so.
—Jim Cathcart, author The Acorn Principle

The Fred Factor is a perfect one-hour read. You cannot finish it without feeling compelled go the extra mile for others and just plain be a better person.
—Jimmy Calano, founder and former CEO, CareerTrack

The Fred Factor is living proof that good news and good people can and do make a difference.
—Terry Paulson, PhD


readers index
Reader's Index 
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• "Convert your job into one you love, not by doing a different job, but by doing the one you have differently! The person doing the work determines the difference between the mundane and the magnificent." Pg. 29 • Reader from Spokane, WA

About the Author 
Mark Sanborn is known internationally as "the high content speaker who motivates." He presents 90-100 programs every year on leadership, team building, customer service and mastering change. He is president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea lab dedicated to developing leaders in business and in life.

Mark's client list includes Exxon, Airtouch Cellular, BMW Financial, Mortons of Chicago, New York Life, Price Costco, ServiceMaster, and Hewlett Packard.

"Presentations" magazine featured Mark in 1995 as one of five "Masters of the Microphone." Mark holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation and is one of the youngest speakers ever inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. He is also a member of the exclusive Speakers Roundtable, a group of twenty of the world's top speakers.

Mark is also the author or coauthor of nine books, including "Teambuilt: Making Teamwork Work," "Sanborn On Success," "Best Practices In Customer Service," and "Meditations for the Road Warrior." He has created and appeared in twenty videos and numerous audio training programs. And he's a founding professor of MentorU.com, an Internet-based knowledge transfer company.

Table of Contents
1The First Fred I Ever Met7
2Freds are Everywhere18
3How to Be a Fred28
4Make a Difference32
5Build Relationships39
6Creating Value44
7Reinvent Yourself54
8Finding Freds63
About the Author80

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