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Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner
Will Marré

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Format: Hardcover, 256pp.
ISBN: 9781933102788
Publisher: Capital Books
Pub. Date: September 30, 2009

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Item No: 9781933102788

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

For many, the current economic crisis has clearly demonstrated that 'Big Business' and too much 'me' have almost destroyed our world. But visionary business coach Will Marre steps in to show us how to be leaders of meaningful lives and a better world.

By joining Will's trailblazing approach to civic activism through self-knowledge, you ll learn how to become an engine of change and be inspired to:
  • Rethink where you are in your life plan
  • Focus on what really matters to you - your Promise
  • Get off the starting line and race with like-minded individuals to make a difference - big or small.
Will shows us the power of individuals and corporations, like:
  • Chris who, though he couldn't afford to build a school for all the Sudanese Lost Boys and support his own family, nurtured and paid for one Lost Boy's U.S. college education.
  • Mike the Surfer who developed a new line of shoes, sandals, shorts, and shirts made of almost entirely recycled, sustainable, or organic materials made in humane conditions - and made a fortune.
  • Kim who saved her struggling training school by enlisting the help of every employee and transformed the company into a powerhouse within eighteen months - without a single lay-off.
In tumultuous times, for readers who are not ready to give up, and are ready to take responsibility for driving the future, Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner is a beacon of hope and a model for civic activism and corporate social responsibility.

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About the Author

Will Marré is an Emmy Award-winning writer, speaker and coach. He is the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). He is currently the CEO of the REALeadership Alliance, where he helps leaders implement new socially-strategic business and branding models, and Consulting Director of UC San Diego Extension's Responsible Enterprise Forum. Marre co-founded the Seacology Foundation dedicated to saving the fragile environments and cultures of islanders especially in the South Pacific.

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