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Inner Security & Infinite Wealth : Merging Self Worth and Net Worth

Stuart Zimmerman and Jared Rosen

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Format: Hardcover, 172pp.
ISBN: 9781590790557
Publisher: Select Books / DreamSculpt
Pub. Date: June 2003

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Item No: 9781590790557

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Does your idea of security center on the performance of Wall Street? Is it integrally linked to your retirement account? Is it bound up with the threat of terrorism?

Personal and financial security springs from a source greater than material wealth. True security begins and ends with INNER SECURITY.

What does ‘security’ mean to you?

The answer has always been elusive. Traditionally, the concept of security has been dictated to us by external circumstances: war, disaster, the abundance or lack of material possessions. In every case, personal security is linked with financial security–the ability to provide for one’s family, to own property, to command some measure of financial wealth in both the present and the future.

Our relationship with money directly colors our sense of security. Unfortunately, our concept of wealth is fraught with inherent contradictions. Money may be the root of all evil, though it seems to make the world go round; it can be the basic element of corporate scandal or a cornerstone of philanthropy. While we feel the need to manage our money, money often ends up managing us.

The fundamental purpose of this book is to make one thing clear: financial security must not be confused with true security–Inner Security. Contrasting the idea of net worth from that of self-worth, authors Stuart Zimmerman and Jared Rosen teach you how to set aside traditional, restrictive concepts of wealth in order to forge a sense of well-being beyond material success…ultimately leading to a more fulfilling relationship to money.

In this powerfully innovative book, the terms and concepts of finance become allegories for self-inquiry and self-discovery. In examining terms such as inheritance, value, trust, appreciation and exchange from a different perspective, Zimmerman and Rosen offer methods to assess your inherited beliefs about money and life. From the concept of Personally Responsible Investing to the practice of giving yourself an allowance, Inner Security and Infinite Wealth sheds a new light on our relationship to wealth and security. This moment has never existed before…Anything is Possible!


“ It’s refreshing to encounter an enlightened perspective on the deeper meaning of security. True security is a treasure everyone wants, but few are able to attain. The insights and practical tools presented here will go a long ways to catalyzing self reliance, deep trust and true security.”
—Michael Toms, President of New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network and Author of A Time for Choices: Deep Dialogues for Deep Democracy

“If you are looking for the deeper meaning in life, Inner Security and Infinite Wealth sheds light on the subject. Enjoy!”
—Marilyn Tam, Author of How to Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want, former President of Reebok Apparel and former CEO of Aveda Corporation

If you are a reader who likes to skip the introduction and/or the prologue to get right to the meat of the material, I caution you - don't skip anything in this well written unique book. In this age of money hungry attitudes and world-wearied flesh, these two writers offer a new perspective. This book is not an "in-your-face" drill sergeant kind of financial/inspirational strategy book.

What the book does offer is help for those of us discombobulated when it comes to managing money and searching for ways to improve our life. If you are living your life with lackluster money skills and thinking the best you can expect when you leave this earth is a thumbnail obituary, get ready for a new impassioned declaration of what life can be. The book starts out with the definition of 8 treasures. These treasures up the ante for what can be accomplished with the right attitude. The treasures are explained with a playful poking twist on financial terms. Discussed are wills, inheritance, ownership, value, trust, allowance, investment and appreciation. These 8 treasures present an interesting way to build a life excelling foundation. The reader has an opportunity to undergo a positive identity shift by stopping all the self-defacing handicapping ways of dealing with life's struggle.

The book, written by two authors, one considered a visionary and the other an achiever. Their discussions offer a fascinating psychological insight as to how to achieve and enjoy this well-balanced life. The visionary questions the achiever with the outcome being straight shooting observations considered with infinite perception on how you can soul search your way to de-tangle the tangled reality we live in.

The main key of this book is to directly lead you down a path where in the authors' words "inner security is a rich state of being that offers infinite wealth". The visionary and the achiever bring you to a conclusion that all dreams are achievable with non-judgmental expectations coupled with acceptance and value of self. The book tackles money issues by exposing what money really does in the hands of a person understanding the 8 treasures. "When what you do with your money creates love, you are raising money to the highest standard."

The 19.95 price may seem steep but this is not the kind of book you read then dump in the circular basket or next garage sale. This is a book you will keep and read again and again. It will be a book you share and is an excellent present for every graduate and newly wed. Everyone can benefit from reading about realizing dreams and internalizing your truth to enrich life.
—Sherry Russell GMS, Books on line

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Reader's Index 
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About the Authors

Stuart Zimmerman entered the investment community with a BS degree from Cornell University and an MBA in Finance from Northeastern University, where he graduated first in his class and received The Wall Street Journal Award for Finance. Stuart began has career as a stockbroker at Kidder, Peabody in San Francisco. From the late 1980s to early 1990s, Stuart traded options on the Pacific Coast Options Exchange and later worked six years for a private investment advisor where he was second in command. During his tenure, assets increased two hundred fold. Moreover, he helped secure initial financing and served as a board member for Next Level Communications, which was acquired by General Instruments Corp. (now a division of Motorola, Inc.). In 1997, Stuart founded his own investment firm, Zimco Advisors, a registered investment advisor through which he managed over $30 million in the stock market for high net worth individuals and small institutions. When his wife struggled with what ultimately became a terminal illness, Stuart was moved by new priorities for his life to liquidate his business. He wanted to know security and purpose beyond financial wealth. Stuart lives with his beloved wife, Hollin, and his five children in Northern California.

A pioneer in the areas of emotional and spiritual intelligence, Jared Rosen has consulted to a broad spectrum of professionals ranging from Hollywood producers and best-selling authors to Fortune 500 business leaders and executive coaches. In 1996, he introduced Whole Self Management, a revolutionary stress management training program featured in San Francisco Downtown magazine. Over the years, Jared has presented his leading edge work to a wide range of business professionals from Mc Kinsey and Company in Sydney, Australia, to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, California. He has authored several thought leadership papers and journal articles including "The Soul Intelligent Organization" (World Business Academy 2001) and was a contributing author to the college textbook, Emotions at Work (Wiley, 2001). As the CEO of Enchante´ (a children's emotional intelligence media company), Jared became a champion for children's emotional literacy. In the year 2000 he encouraged leaders in the political, entertainment and educational fields to became "Ambassadors of Emotional Literacy", and inspired Mayor Richard Riordan to proclaim November 19, 2000 as Emotional Literacy Day in the city and county of Los Angeles, California. Jared lives with his wife, Carista, daughter, Kylea and their dog, Happy, in Sonoma County, California.

Table of Contents
IntroductionEight Treasures of Inner Security and Infinite Wealthix
PrologueA conversation on the evening of September 10, 2001xi
The Invitationxv
1Inner Security1
EpilogueThe Merger (September 10, 2002)169

Customer Reviews
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A Perfect Book for Everyone June 18, 2003
Reviewer: from New Haven, Connecticut

I really loved this book. The authors take the reader on a journey of discovery and recovery of the definitions of traditional financial terms, in order to reach a deeper level and experience of security and wealth. Each chapter highlights an aspect of wealth and instructs the reader on how to re-align themselves to their true heart's desire. This book needs to be read by anyone interested in upshifting the way they experience wealth and security.

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