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The Founding Fathers on Leadership: Classic Teamwork in Changing Times
Donald T. Phillips

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Format: Paperback, 264pp.
ISBN: 9780446674256
Publisher: Warner Books
Pub. Date: November 1998

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Item No: 9780446674256

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Think Your Business Faces Long Odds? Look At What These Guys Did!

They were outgunned and outmanned at every turn. Their competition-the King of England-had seemingly unlimited resources. But Washington, Paine, Jefferson, and Madison had a few things going for them: ingenuity, resourcefulness, determination, desperation, and passion. In the face of terrible odds-and with impressive leadership strategies we can apply to business today-they achieved success. This book is their legacy. Exciting and historically accurate scenarios reveal their daring, crucial decisions and show today's managers and entrepreneurs how to:
  • Rally every member of their organization to a common cause
  • Turn defeat into victory-and profits
  • Act as a catalyst for the majority of people they represent
  • Develop future leaders-and pass the torch to the next generation ....and much, much more.

The Scene: The American army had dwindled to less than 5,000 exhausted soldiers. Instead of resting and recuperating, as the British expected him to do, Washington decided to ask his men to do the impossible. He circulated copies of Thomas Paine's The American Crisis and passed on the countersign "Victory or death" for the impending battle. Then he crossed the Delaware in midwinter and pressed the attack. The result: a stunning victory over a lulled enemy at Trenton....

The Lessons:
  • When the competition thinks you're down for the count, you have an opportunity to achieve a major victory
  • March while the competition is sleeping
  • Ride to the front and motion for the troops to follow
  • Rest when necessary, but stay close to the competition so as to keep a watchful eye on their actions....


"Every member of Congress should have a copy of this book and study it carefully."
—Mary Matalin

"An intriguing approach...capable of multidisciplinary use."
Midwest Book Review

"The best leadership book I've ever read. It has revolutionized my approach to leadership in sports."
—Pat Williams, senior vice president of the Orlando Magic and author of The Magic of Teamwork

"Examines the leadership principles the founding fathers employed to build a nation and demonstrates how these same management practices can be applied to today's business situations."
Orange County Register

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About the Author

Donald T. Phillips is the author of six books, including Lincoln on Leadership, The Founding Fathers on Leadership, and Martin Luther King, Jr., on Leadership. He lives in Fairview, Texas, where he currently serves as mayor.

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