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Bringing Out the Best in Others! 3 Keys for Business Leaders, Educators, Coaches and Parents
Thomas K. Connellan

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Format: Hardcover, 192pp.
ISBN: 9781885167583
Publisher: Bard Press
Pub. Date: January 2003

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Item No: 9781885167583

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

The book details the three keys and shows how they apply to leadership in business, education, parenting, coaching, and music instruction. Examples of performance improvement include sales, manufacturing productivity, teamwork, communication, and both classroom as well as individual student performance.

Some of the lessons you'll take away include:
  • The five steps in supportive confrontation of non-performance that bring about commitment rather than just compliance.
  • The one thing you have to do before you can improve teamwork.
  • How to use the Inverted Motivation Curve to boost performance.
  • The one thing that's even more punishing than punishment.
  • Why the good-bad-good approach to discussing performance issues doesn't work and what to do about it

Can you pass this test?

1. Is someone (or more than one) on your sales team not playing full out?

2. Are your child's grades where they should be? Is their room too messy?

3. If you're a teacher, do you have a student or two you'd like to reach more than you seem to be able to at the present?

4. In manufacturing? Would an increase in productivity of 5% or 10% interest you?

5. Is your child involved in youth sports? Want to support them in the best way possible without becoming one of those overbearing parents?

6. Are you coaching a youth sports team? Want some tips on how to help everyone on the team blossom and play just a little better? Or some tips on how to boost their self-esteem?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you're in a situation that most of us find ourselves in at some point in time. You know at least one person who is underperforming in some way. Now you now have the power to fix that situation. Permanently!

Tom Connellan has spent years researching high performance - how to get it and how to keep it. His research uncovered some amazing facts.

Two-thirds of all entrepreneurs are firstborn. Twenty-one of the twenty-three first astronauts were firstborn. Of the female world leaders between 1960 and 1999, 45% were firstborn. A ten-year study of 1,500 superior Wisconsin ninth-graders showed that 49 percent of them were firstborn. And according to an 1874 study in England, firstborns were overrepresented among fellows of the Royal Society.

Even psychologists studying other psychologists found similar results -- more than half the people elected president of the American Psychological Association were firstborns! And yet only about 1/3 of the population is firstborn. "What", Connellan wondered, "is it that firstborns get that laterborns usually don't?"

His research uncovered three environmental factors that make the difference. If you are in a leadership position - executive, teacher, parent, coach, music teacher - the most important thing about these factors is their environmental nature. They are not something internal to the individual. This means that - given the proper skill set - you can use the three factors to create an environment that consistently brings out the best in employees, students, children, or team members.

These three keys unlock peak performance in the people you live and work with. They enable business leaders, coaches, educators, parents, and others to consistently get that extra 10 to 20 percent needed to make a significant difference in profitability, performance, teamwork, and grades. They have been proven to work, time after time.

Using the three factors, business leaders have improved sales and increased productivity; parents have boosted grade point averages; and educators have improved the performance of entire classes - as well as that of individual students who needed an extra boost. Music teachers have jump-started their students efforts. Coaches of youth sports have shortened learning curves, improved performance, and improved teamwork - without the stress that frequently accompanies those efforts.

Bringing out the Best in Others! shows you how to put the three critical factors to work in a manner that consistently produces permanent improvements of 10-20 %. Sometimes it's more - even 100% improvement. But 10-20% is pretty consistent. You now have the opportunity to boost the performance of those around you.


"If you want to grow a successful business, this is a must read book for building a strong team."
—Dixon Doll, Managing General Partner of DCM Doll Capital Management

"Concrete information in an easy to read format. The quick lesson design is ideal..."
—Julie Scofield, Executive Director of Smaller Business Association of New England

"A common sense approach to performance enhancement. Read it and increase your probability of coaching success."
—Jack H. Llewellyn, Ph.D, Sports Psychologist/Consultant, Atlanta Braves

"Bringing Out the Best in Others! shares learning and lessons for leaders at every level to energize their teams."
—J.W. Marriott, Jr., Chairman, Marriott International, Inc.

"Anyone interested in motivating people should read this book. It's Tom Connellan at his best!"
—Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager ® and Wale Done! TM

A must read for principals, teachers, and parents. The three keys bring about measurable results in just a short time.
—Mark A. Kern, New Palestine Elementary New Palestine, IN Indiana Elementary Principal of the Year

Solid content. Well written. Practical. What more could you ask for in a book? Read it today.
—Randy Burns, Senior Vice President of Advest, Inc.

If you're connected with youth sports in any way, this book is a must read!
—Fred C. Engh, President & CEO of National Alliance for Youth Sports, West Palm Beach, FL


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About the Author

Dr. Connellan is one of North America's leading authorities on the organizational changes necessary to enhance high performance, customer retention, and service quality. The author of six books including Sustaining Knock your Socks off Service, Inside the Magic Kingdom and Creating and Keeping Customers - A Formula for Success and numerous articles, he is regularly quoted in publications such as U.S. News and World Report, The New York Times, and Boardroom Reports. He is a frequent keynote speaker for organizations as diverse as Dell, Neiman-Marcus, GE, Marriott, Sony, and the Air Force Academy.

Table of Contents

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