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leadership development
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Russell Rules : 11 Lessons on Leadership from the Twentieth Century's Greatest Winner
Bill Russell with David Falkner

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Format: Paperback, 320pp.
ISBN: 0451203887
Publisher: Penguin USA
Pub. Date: May 2001

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Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

"This book is about winning and leadership. But it is also about who I am and what I have learned."
—Bill Russell

He has been hailed as the greatest team player of the twentieth century. In Russell Rules, the star center of the Boston Celtics and five-time NBA Most Valuable Player reveals the eleven essential steps to attaining success in your professional and personal lives.

Leadership and teamwork are the hallmarks of becoming a champion, and in this book Russell shares the insights, the memories, and, most important, the enduring philosophy that made him a star. He talks about what leadership means to him, and how living by these eleven rules has influenced him in every aspect of his life, from being a single father raising a daughter to becoming a successful coach and mentor to others. Filled with rousing personal and professional anecdotes and never-before-revealed stories of his glory days playing with Celtic greats Bob Cousy, Tommy Heinsohn, Sam Jones, and their legendary coach Red Auerbach, Russell Rules offers inspiring lessons on teamwork, commitment, personal integrity, and what makes a winning team. This invaluable primer will help anyone become a champion...from the man who has successfully proven that playing-and living-by these rules really works.

He epitomizes innovation, teamwork, and leadership. Now, Bill Russell, winner of eleven championships as a player and coach of the Boston Celtics and five-time NBA Most Valuable Player, reveals the eleven lessons that helped him achieve his goals and can help anyone attain success in their professional and personal lives.

Bill Russell has been hailed as the greatest team player of the twentieth century, the most important and most valuable basketball player ever, and its greatest winner. Every CEO, manager, entrepreneur, or parent can benefit from his original perspectives on leadership and teamwork, which helped this living legend succeed beyond what anyone in his profession has done before or since. In Russell Rules, Bill Russell shares for the first time in print the insights, humor, memories, and most important, the essential "rules of success" that made him and his team perennial champions. He also shares his personal thoughts on his legendary battles with Wilt Chamberlain as well as how others (Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) would have fared with him in head-to-head play. filled with never-before-revealed stories of his days playing with Celtic greats such as Bob Cousy, Tom Heinsohn, Sam and K.C. Jones, John Havlicek, and coach Red Auerbach, Russell Rules offers inspiring lessons on commitment, personal integrity, team ego, and craftsmanship.


"Bill Russell is that rare public figure who is even larger in life, close up, than he is from a distance. Bill Russell has that rare quality of authenticity."
—Tom Brokaw, NBC Anchor, Author of The Greatest Generation

"Bill Russell and the Celtics taught me so much about victory and team. There is a sport ideal, and he and his teammates exemplified that more than anybody I've ever seen before or since."
Frank Deford

"Bill Russell is a person of great character, great integrity; and if you can't stand the brutal truth don't talk to Bill Russell."
Jim Brown

"Bill Russell is a teacher and mentor who taught about grace, power, teamwork, and commitment. Bill Russell has that uncommon combination of intelligence, consistency, and sheer will that made him a unique presence on and off the basketball court."
Bill Cosby

"The true great champion of them all, and I've covered every sport you can think of, was Bill Russell."
George Plimpton

"He was a lion of a competitor. He was the greatest competitor I was ever around who refused to lose."
Tom Heinsohn

"He is a true champion and a genuine hero."
Bryant Gumbel


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About the Author

Bill Russell has had a Hall of Fame basketball career. He won eleven championships in thirteen seasons with the Boston Celtics and coached the team to two of those championships. He was named the Twentieth Century's Greatest Champion by Sports Illustrated, and is the subject of an HBO documentary.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Bill Bradleyix
IntroductionEleven Rings, Eleven Lessons in Winning1
Lesson OneCommitment Begins with Curiosity15
Lesson TwoEgo = MC˛35
Lesson ThreeListening is Never Casual55
Lesson FourToughness or Tenderness: Creating your Leadership Style71
Lesson FiveInvisible Man89
Lesson SixCraftsmanship111
Lesson SevenPersonal Integrity133
Lesson EightRebounding, or How to change the Flow of the Game157
Lesson NineImagination, or Seeing the Unseeable175
Lesson TenDiscipline, Delegation, and Decision-Making195
Lesson ElevenEveryone Can Win211

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