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W.A.Y.M.I.S.H.: Why Are You Making It So Hard
...for me to give you my money?

Ray Considine & Ted Cohn

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Format: Paperback, 189pp.
ISBN: 9780967324500
Publisher: Waymish Publishing Company
Pub. Date: May 1998

Featured in the February 2001
Bottom Line Business
Bottom Line Business

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Item No: 9780967324500

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Even one small, stupid, unthinking mistake when dealing with a customer can trigger this business-killing phrase:

" I'm never coming back here again!" ...and you've lost a customer for life! This book tells you how to:.

  • DETECT this Waymish bug and snuff it out
  • STOP the outflow of silent and unhappy customers
  • SHUT OFF this drain on future profits
  • STAMP OUT insensitive stupid mistakes that drive good customers away!

Learn How to Create Customers for Life!

This is not a collection of stories about stupid customer service mistakes. And it's not "yet another treatise" on Customer Service excellence. It is an educational and training book reported in storytelling style. All the stories are true.

Use these stories in brief staff and employees meetings. Have your people solve the problems. Have them volunteer answers and suggest better ways customers should have been served. Quick regular sessions like this will make your people aware of how pervasive the "WAYMISH bug" is . . . and how it bites even the biggest and best corporations. Most importantly, it will teach your people how valuable Lifetime Customers can be to your business . . . and the terrible cost of losing any customer.


WAYMISH is terrific. You've hit the nail on the head with this one! Not only is the concept brilliant (and obvious) but ties in with most people's personal experience. Employees hate to be wrong. I can visualize hundreds of sales trainers handing out thousands of copies of WAYMISH to front line employees.
—Al Ries, Chairman, Ries & Ries, Atlanta, GA


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About the Author

Ray Considine was an in-your-face, always on, energized Irishman who could provide a steady stream of valuable – and useable – ideas for your business, your staff or your sales force. He didn’t come with some prepackaged “this year’s speech.” He was flexible, up-to-the-minute. Hugely curious. Asked lots of questions – and listened. Then he delivered. He thought fast, talked fast, knew more about sales, marketing, and promotion and how to keep customers, than anybody you were likely to meet in a lifetime. An exceptional story teller, he made people laugh, learn and remember the lessons. Ray Considine was a Harvard graduate who wore a lot of hats: speaker, teacher, motivator, salesman, storyteller, author, and friend.

Table of Contents

Down The Drain19
Let Me Hear Those Complaints27
Syndicating The Answer35
Becoming a Results-Based Leader42
Howz Bizniz?51
Customers For Life61
Good Stuff75
Go Ahead—Argue With Customers99
Stymied By The System110
Making It Easy To Do Business With Me 118
Empowered To Do What124
It's Our Policy151
And There Are Ways To Do It Right162
Take My Money Please168
What's Special About You?171
Our Conclusion179
As a Result182
Present Tense182
A Bow and Thanks To183
About the Authors186
Sample Questionnaire189

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