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Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library


Reagan on Leadership: Executive Lessons from the Great Communicator
James M. Strock

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Format: Hardcover, 288pp.
ISBN: 9780984077434
Publisher: Serve to Lead Press
Pub. Date: February 6, 2011

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Item No: 9780984077434

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

It has been a delight to update Reagan on Leadership for the Reagan Centennial. Tom Peters, the legendary leadership authority, has penned an insightful, delightful, highly personal foreword, putting Reagan's historical standing into context. As Mr. Peters points out, the Reagan leadership approach holds down-to-earth, actionable lessons for anyone in their work and life. Reagan on Leadership also includes a new readers' note. I survey recent scholarship and histories of Mr. Reagan's career. Newly released information confirms much of what was already apparent to those who would look; what is evolving is our understanding and appreciation of his leadership legacy. Thank you for your interest and support of Reagan on Leadership. I hope you find value in it as you create your own, unique "masterpiece of service."

Ronald Reagan was elected to lead a dispirited country that had lost its way. Overseas, governments tottered in the face of an expansive Soviet empire, and U.S. citizens fell prey to cold-blooded terrorists. At home, a listless economy produced more unemployment than jobs, and a demoralized military hunkered down in timidity. America had become a land of limits rather than of opportunity.

"If you measure leadership of the American presidency in terms of changing the mindset of multiple constituencies, as I do, then Ronald Reagan will be regarded as one of the greatest presidents of this century. Finally, we have a terrific book on Reagan and his uncanny and important ability to lead." ? Warren Bennis, coauthor of Leaders and author of Organizing Genius

How Reagan turned the country around is an inspiration for leaders everywhere. This remarkable book gives you the keys to his leadership skills and shows how they can be transferred seamlessly to today's business world.

Based on new interviews with some of Reagan's closest advisers, Reagan on Leadership presents an inside look into the day-to-day executive style of one of our century's most successful statesmen. You learn his secrets of management success, such as how to hire the right people, negotiate from strength, move an audience, overcome failure, and, perhaps most important, communicate an inspiring vision.

With wit and insight, author James Strock captures the essence of a man who changed the course of history. The Reagan you meet here was a leader of uncanny strength, whose steely determination never flagged, not even when he suffered political setbacks, not even when he took a bullet in the chest. Ronald Reagan triumphed over challenges people in business face every day. With this book as your guide, so can you.


If you measure leadership of the American presidency in terms of changing the mindset of multiple constituencies, as I do, then Ronald Reagan will be regarded as one of the greatest presidents of this century. Finally, we have a terrific book on Reagan and his uncanny and important ability to lead.
—Warren Bennis

The man who defeated communism also gave us a compelling example of superb executive ability. Reagan on Leadership captures the vision, courage, and character that made Ronald Reagan one of the great executives in history. This book is filled with useful and interesting insights.
—Former Vice President Dan Quayle

President Reagan was one of the finest leaders of this century. Business leaders and entrepreneurs alike can learn from his management style and communication practices. Ronald Reagan always left an audience with the impression he was sincere, approachable, and a regular guy. These qualities are described in Reagan on leadership in a way that is invaluable for today's executive. It should be required reading in business schools across America.
—Boone Pickens

As time goes by it is increasingly apparent that Ronald Reagan was a more formidable leader than he was given credit for during his presidency. James Strock tells us why and how Reagan succeeded, in ways that can be emulated by people in private business as well as in public office. Strock has won another one for the Gipper.
—Steven Hayward

During his eight-year presidency, Ronald Reagan accomplished perhaps more than any chief executive since Franklin Roosevelt. James Strock has done a brilliant job of analyzing Reagan's leadership and communication skills and then distilling them into commonsense principles for others to follow. This book is invaluable reading for leaders in every walk of life - and those who aspire to lead.
—Edwin Meese III

A superb book that gives many insights into how Ronald Reagan accomplished all he did--and how one might apply those lessons to one's own life.
—Martin Anderson


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About the Author

James Strock is a recognized authority and renowned speaker on leadership. He serves companies, professional services firms, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and the military, in the US and around the world. Strock is the author of Serve to Lead, Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership, and Reagan on Leadership (which will be released in an updated edition for the upcoming Reagan Centennial). He can be reached at jamesstrock.com.

Table of Contents
Part 1:Leadership17
1Craft a Compelling Vision19
2Be Decisive39
3Negotiate from Strength59
4Know When to Apply an Indirect Approach75
5Learn from Failure and Mistakes - and Move On88
6Coming, Going, and Timing105
Part 2:Management117
7Reagan's Management Approach119
8First Things First134
9Do Only What Your Subordinates Cannot Do142
10Make Meetings Useful158
Part 3:Communication173
11Become a Skilled Communicator175
12Always Focus on Your Audience185
13Become Your Own Best Speechwriter195
14Responding to Critics and Criticism203
Part 4:Self-Management213
15Reagan's Personal Traits: Leadership As a Way of Life215
Source Notes235
Select Bibliography248

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