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The Leadership Crash Course: How to Create a Personal Leadership Value

Paul Taffinder

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Format: Paperback, 176pp.
ISBN: 9780749446383
Publisher: Kogan Page
Pub. Date: May 1, 2006 / Second Edition

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Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

The world is full of managers and desperately short of leaders – real leaders – according to a new book by award-winning author Paul Taffinder. In The Leadership Crash Course, Taffinder seeks to address the shortage by helping executives develop the skills necessary to drive large-scale change within their organizations.

The book features numerous practical tips, case studies, self-diagnostics and progress checklists to help executives analyze their leadership capabilities, then systematically build them. It also describes seven of the most common types of leaders – including their strengths and weaknesses – and how they can become more effective. The seven types (with examples of each) are: The Transformational Leader (Lord Browne), The Enforcer (Steve Ballmer), The Deal-Maker (Carly Fiorina), The Administrator (Sir Fred Goodwin), The Visionary (Bill Gates), The Serial Entrepreneur (Richard Branson) and The Spin Doctor (Bernie Ebbers).

The need for leadership in recent years has become increasingly urgent and important – whether in business, politics, economics or sport. Leaders in all of these areas are under intense scrutiny as never before. The Leadership Crash Course offers pragmatic advice – grounded in research and real cases – on how to exert greater influence. In particular, it deals with the key question for business leaders at every level – "how to create greater value for the enterprise."


This is a self-improvement course: readers can analyze their strengths and weaknesses with guidance on taking on new leadership roles, communicating change to employees, disturbing the organizational culture to make things happen, and mobilizing staff to pull in the same direction.
—Forbes.com Book Club, Spring 2006

Taffinder takes a psychological approach to leadership, provoking the reader into analysing their innate leadership qualities. He identifies five: making and taking risks; challenging and changing; making clear what matters; having deep conviction; and making things happen at scale. Modules help you work through each aspect, guiding you into identifying weaknesses and working on strengths.
—Management Today

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Dr. Paul Taffinder, a psychologist and partner at management consulting firm Marakon Associates, has advised dozens of Global 500 companies on leadership and organizational change. He has also written extensively on the topics, beginning with his first book The New Leader and then Big Change, which won the prestigious Business Management Book of the Year Award in 1999 for what the judges called "his inspirational approach to corporate transformation."

Table of Contents
Course 1Be a Manager or a Leader1
Course 2Impose Context25
Course 3Make Risks and Take Risks49
Course 4Challenge and Change77
Course 5Have Conviction100
Course 6Generate Critical Mass125
Course 7The Dominate Leadership Sub-domains153

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