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Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun

Wess Roberts, Ph.D.

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Format: Paperback, 136pp.
ISBN: 9780440505914
Publisher: Dell Publishing
Pub. Date: 1993

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Item No: 9780440505914

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Wes Robert's first book, Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun—one of the most popular business books ever sold—told managers how to survive tough times. Now the long awaited sequel, Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun, shows leaders how to win on the business battlefields of the nineties and beyond.

America's most successful leaders, including H. Ross Perot; Pat Riley, coach of the New York Knicks; and R. L. Crandall, Chairman and President of American Airlines, have already discovered that Wess Roberts is one of the freshest and most creative voices to address the challenges of leadership in today's economy. Now Roberts brings you more of Attila's pithy advice on winning (that is, making money) as well as reducing or even eliminating loss.

His more than 300 "secrets" are aimed at creating successful management for any organization—whether it's a small business, professional group, or Fortune 500 corporation—and on leading an entrepreneurial team to victory against competitors in the real world where the bottom line really counts.


"Must reading for every CEO, and every first line manager."
—M. Kent Burgon, First Vice President, Shearson Lehman Brothers

"This is an even wiser and more important book that the first Attila. It's all about winning and winners. That's why Victory Secrets won't just be read, it will be quoted in business meetings and seminars from New York to Frankfurt to Tokyo."
—James Patterson, Chairman, J. Walter Thompson, North America


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Reader's Index

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About the Author

Wes Roberts, Ph.D., is a writer, speaker and executive coach.

Table of Contents
Author's Noteix
Prologue: "Enter the Huns"1
ILet a Roman do it: "Don't Waste Your Energy7
IIOne Tribe, One Mind: "Tribal Togetherness"13
IIIManaging the Tribe's Cache: "It's Easy to be Generous with the Huns' Booty"20
IVWarriors Become Targets: "Dodging Arrows"24
VReality: "Practical Dreaming"32
VIA Position of Strength: "Cultivating Allies"38
VIIDoing Battle: "The Inevitability of Confrontation"44
VIIIFalling on Your Own Sword: "Self-inflicted Wounds Are Hazardous to Your Career"54
IXThe Test of Character: "Equanimity in Battle"61
XFavoritism: "If You Want a Pet, Buy a Dog"67
XIBlame: "Risk-taking Can Backfire"72
XIITrust: "Honor-as-armor"79
XIIIEasy Wins: "Lucky Breaks Aren't Just Good Luck"85
XIVHeadaches: "You Get Paid for Your Bad Days"90
XVGetting Close Enough: "Approximating the Answer"95
XVIQuality: "A Few Good Warriors" 102
XVIIDeception: "Smoke and Mirrors"110
XVIIIChieftainship: "Leaders' Diseases and their Cures"116
Epilogue: "Exit the Huns"132
Selected Bibliography135

Customer Reviews
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Great book on success December 14, 2007
Reviewer: from South Bend, IN United States

Wess Roberts has a varied background in the military, corporate America and through various charity organizations. He is an expert on leadership and human behavior. I appreciate the quick read with great insight found in this book and his other books. I understand that Wess now has a web page (www.attilascamp.com).

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