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Relationship Momentum: The Secret to Making Ideas Move
Brian Church

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Format: Hardcover, 224pp.
ISBN: 9781939447197
Publisher: Dunham Books
Pub. Date: June 25, 2013

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Item No: 9781939447197

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

This book is about the search to understand the art and science of why some ideas progress and some dissipate. Why some people advance in their careers with sustained movement while others seem to be swimming upstream. Why some deals reach "the event" and some fade off into the distance. The search was to find a cause and effect answer that would provide us with the ever fleeting, "secret of success." What I stumbled upon was a formula, an equation rather, that clearly provided a path for ideas and ideals to move.

I have discovered that the answer has little to do with natural ability but is more encompassed by a few key components executed with diligence and a measure of urgency. I want the reader to understand that achieving their personal and professional objectives is not based solely on personality types, the business environment, or even unique giftings. On the contrary, the eventual success or failure of their initiatives will hinge primarily upon their ability to create and manage this one concept. My findings? The secret to making your ideas move and the key element behind all product, project or purpose growth is what I call Relationship Momentum.

Reading this book will help you:
  • Help you determine the necessity for Relationships and Momentum in your endeavors
  • Help you discover why some ideas succeed and far too many fail
  • Provide you with a formula and a blue print for a successful outcome with your initiatives
  • Help you acquire the “Three Equities” that provide weight to your ideas and career
  • Help you determine the need for strategy and the steps for execution
  • Challenge you to escape the realm of mediocrity and realize your dreams


“If you’re finally ready to do it, if you’re finally ready to launch your idea, read and reread The Art & Science of Relationship Momentum. Count me in as a Brian Church Ambassador.”
—Don Connelly (Nationally Renowned Speaker, Motivator and Educator)

“Brian Church offers any motivated business person an insightful new paradigm for assessing and energizing the progress of almost any entity or relationship.”
—Pat Mcrae (Former US Diplomat)

“In my opinion, Brian Church’s Relationship Momentum is a powerful addition to human knowledge in the study of the keys that make an idea successful. It will motivate and give us the tools to embark on our lives’ journeys, with a singular and new focus.”
—Ming Wang (Harvard, MIT (MD), PHD Laser Physics, CEO of Wang Institute)

“Relationship Momentum will absolutely get you focused on the highly efficient and highly effective pathway to greater success in your endeavors. I wish I had read this book thirty years ago."
—George Shinn (Horatio Alger Award Winner and Founder of the Charlotte Hornets)

"I would recommend this book to anyone looking to create movement for their ideas or their endeavors."
—Brian Moran (President, Strategic Breakthroughs and Author of the 12 Week Year)

"Brian Church is onto something big. Brian has taken on a subject, (Relationship Momentum) that is rife with complexity and nuance and made it easy to digest. Prepare yourself for a feast!"
—Dave Dalton Founder, President and Founder of Ebars

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About the Author

Brian Church is the founder of an Executive Consulting Firm called Ambassadors International. The company specializes in working with Corporations and Business Owners to create what Brian calls "Relationship Momentum." The Business Ambassador firm has a client list that ranges from companies specializing in Renewable Energy to Investment Management. The firm also develops modules in the US and abroad to train others in the art and science of creating Relationship Momentum.

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