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Developing Teen Leadership: A Practical Guide for Youth Group Advisors, Teachers and Parents
Dan Appleman

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Format: Paperback, 230pp.
ISBN: 9781936754007
Publisher: Desaware Publishing
Pub. Date: February 4, 2011

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Item No: 9781936754007

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Not long ago, all it took to have a comfortable career was to do well in high school, get a college degree, and find a nice stable job. But the world is changing rapidly, and many of the nice stable jobs have moved to developing countries. Even a college degree is not the sure investment it once was.

Good grades are not enough.

But there remain endless opportunities for those with real leadership skills - regardless of career choice. Leadership skills are what you need to manage a team, to stand out as an employee, to start a business and to nail that interview. The skills required to inspire and motivate others, to communicate effectively, to take initiative, and to make and execute plans, are as important as a high grade point average (if not more so).

But how do you teach these skills to teenagers?

Parents, teachers, coaches, scoutmasters, youth counselors and advisors strive to do so every day - but often have limited training on how best to accomplish that goal. This book fills that gap.

This is not an academic or theoretical book on youth leadership.

It is a relentlessly practical guide on how to effectively guide teens to become leaders.

It covers virtually every topic, issue and skill you need to know - and how to teach it. You'll even learn how to teach teen leaders to teach leadership skills to each other, thus helping them become even stronger leaders.

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Dan Appleman brings the lessons from over 20 years of experience as a youth group advisor (in addition to stints as a part time religious school teacher, camp counselor and court appointed special advocate) to Developing Teen Leadership. Author of How Computer Programming Works, Always Use Protection: A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing and numerous other technical books, Dan is better known for his technical career as CEO of Desaware Inc, Co-Founder of Apress publishing, and now CTO and co-founder of Full Circle CRM. But he would argue that his volunteer career as a youth group advisor has been the more important of the two careers.

Table of Contents

Note to teachers and parents
Part I Guiding Principles
1 Anything they can do, they should do
2 Don?t try to get them to like you; earn their respect
3 Thou shalt not lie
4 Let them fail
5 Limits
6 Find ways to say yes
7 Initiative and control
8 Admit your hypocrisies
9 Role modeling is everything
10 Apologize for your mistakes
11 Set high expectations, but not perfection
12 You really don?t know best
13 Wait most problems solve themselves
14 Be a back-seat driver
15 Don?t take it personally
16 Talking back is good
17 Plant seeds
18 Boundaries and rules
19 Being there
20 Consistency
21 Who owns the group?
22 Trust
23 Remember the positive
24 Turf and communication
Part II Techniques
25 Positive-Negative-Positive
26 Sticks and stones
27 The power of indirection
28 Don?t be the boss
29 Listening
30 Ask permission to offer advice
31 Explore options, but leave the decision with them
32 Be explicit
33 Explain every decision
34 Don?t yell
35 Choose your battles
36 Mistakes and failure
37 Get help
38 Group problem solving
39 Principles of leadership
Part III Programs and Activities
40 Creativity
41 Types of programs
42 Planning and logistics
43 Energy levels
44 Flexibility
Part IV Topics
45 Communication skills
46 Sex, drugs, and rock & roll
47 Driving
48 Bad kids and troubled teens
49 Confidentiality
50 Playing favorites
51 Dealing with crisis
52 Life skills
53 Working as a team
54 Taking care of yourself
Part V For Teachers and Parents
55 For Teachers
56 For Parents
57 For Teens
Final Words
Appendix A Drivers Handout
Acknowledgements and Dedication

Customer Reviews
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