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42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role: The Manual They Didn't Hand You When You Made VP, Director, or Manager
Pam Fox Rollin

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Format: Paperback, 134pp.
ISBN: 9781607730347
Publisher: Super Star Press
Pub. Date: April 19, 2011

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Item No: 9781607730347

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role describes practical and effective actions for you to make a strong start at your new VP, Director, or Manager job. Drawing from extensive interviews with corporate leaders and the author's 20 years as a strategy consultant and executive coach, these rules form the manual they forgot to hand you when you got that promotion or offer letter.

Topics include how to gain cooperation from your team, read the business culture at your new level, tee up smart "quick wins", show others how to work with you, assess the business risks in your new role, make the most of your strengths without overdoing it, work around your weaknesses, use team screw-ups to your advantage, redesign your undoable job, and stay focused on your plan when everyone wants you to fight fires and solve the problems on their desks.

Pam gives you specific guidance for each step of those first few critical months. Her recommendations are shaped by current and classic leadership research, as well as fresh insight from her interviews with executives and surveys of leaders at all levels. With her background as executive coach to top Silicon Valley companies, corporate strategist with Bain and Accenture, and Guest Fellow at Stanford GSB's Center for Leadership Development and Research, Pam translates the experiences of thousands of leaders into easy-to-read guidance.

Let this book remind you what you did right before, help you avoid common missteps that cause leaders to stumble, and give you new strategies for acing those critical first months. Adjust what you find here to serve team needs, market condition, cultural context, your goals and your personal leadership style.

Buy this book when you're making a step up, moving to a new organization, or for your friends as they move up. This book is also an ideal reference for executive coaches, HR business partners, management trainers, executive assistants, and others who help new leaders be successful.

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Pam Fox Rollin, IdeaShape founder, coaches executives and teams to lead even more effectively. Drawing on 20 years of experience in strategy consulting, management education, and leadership development, Pam is known as a dynamic speaker and valuable thought-partner to people leading their organizations through complex change.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John A. Byrne
Part I Set Yourself Up For Success
Rule 1 Rules Are Meant to Be Broken
Rule 2 Begin Ready
Rule 3 Fire Up Your Task Management System
Rule 4 Draft Your Strategic One-Pager
Rule 5 Take Charge of Your Start
Part II Map the Terrain
Rule 6 Leverage the Honeymoon
Rule 7 Map What Matters to People with Power
Rule 8 Uncover Precisely How Your Group Creates Value
Rule 9 Figure Out What to Prove by When
Rule 10 Set Your Milestones
Part III Show Up Wisely
Rule 11 Apply Your Strengths— and Beware
Rule 12 Deal with Your Weak Spots
Rule 13 (Re)Introduce Yourself Internally & Externally
Rule 14 Don’t Blame the Last Guy
Rule 15 Show People How to Work with You
Rule 16 Get Over Yourself
Part IV Start Your Wins
Rule 17 Pick Smart Quick Wins
Rule 18 Plant Seeds for Future Wins
Rule 19 Tune Up Your Team
Rule 20 Communicate Early and Often
Rule 21 Tell a Good Story
Rule 22 Bring Value to Any Room
Rule 23 Balance Curiosity, Advice, and Silence
Part V Create Your Management System
Rule 24 Make Your Own Metrics
Rule 25 Catalog Risks and Start Mitigating
Rule 26 Run Unmissable Meetings
Rule 27 Adjust Your Approach
Rule 28 Launch 1:1s that Actually Drive Performance
Rule 29 Make the Most of Screwups
Rule 30 Grow More Leaders
Rule 31 Call in the Experts
Part VI Stay Smart
Rule 32 Strengthen Your Strategic Point of View
Rule 33 Stay Current and Capable
Rule 34 Model Healthy Paranoia
Rule 35 Ferret Out Feedback
Rule 36 Build Your Industry Presence
Part VII Set You and Your Team To Thrive
Rule 37 Make Your Job Doable
Rule 38 Stoke the Energy of Your Group
Rule 39 Mind Your Mood
Rule 40 Now, Lead with Your Life in Mind
Rule 41 Use Your Power for Good
Rule 42 These Are My Rules. What Are Yours?
Appendix A For Job Seekers
Appendix B Hiring? How to Use this Book
Appendix C For Executive Coaches
Appendix D Myers-Briggs® and More
Appendix E Online Resources

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