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Destined to Lead: Executive Coaching and Lessons for Leadership Development
Karol M. Wasylyshyn

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Format: Hardcover, 288pp.
ISBN: 9781137357762
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Pub. Date: August 26, 2014

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Item No: 9781137357762

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

"With this compelling book – a must-read for anyone involved with the development of senior business leaders — Wasylyshyn has taken us 'behind the executive door' and provided a rare opportunity to witness the power of transformational coaching in action." - Tom Kaney, Managing Partner, McKnight-Kaney
In a field that's crowded with how-to coaching books and academic tomes on organization and leadership behavior, Destined to Lead breaks away from the crowd with its specificity and candor on how real cases unfolded in the hands of one of the world's most respected pioneers of executive coaching. Karol M. Wasylyshyn provides an essential and accessible response to a significant void in the executive coaching literature, arriving at a time when executive coaching is booming as a consultation opportunity under the broad umbrella of talent management.

Wasylyshyn merges her business background and training in clinical psychology to describe not only expected coaching objectives but how coaches can forge ongoing trusted advisor relationships. Anyone interested in the human side of leadership and harnessing leadership behavior as a competitive force will learn something from the tools and coaching techniques revealed through these cases. Executive reflections written by the men and women Wasylyshyn has coached to success further illuminate the powerful relationship leaders can form with the executive coach and trusted advisor.


"As one of the true pioneers in executive coaching, Wasylyshyn marries her background in clinical psychology with real world experience to help senior executives reach their highest potential. And we hear their stories not only through Wasylyshyn's experienced lens...but from her clients' voices as well. Truly an important and defining work in the field."
—Lois Juliber, Retired Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Colgate-Palmolive

"Wasylyshyn has once again broken new ground in the field of executive coaching and leadership development. From her earlier career as a business leader, Wasyshlyn brings deep and pragmatic knowledge of business and industry. From her extensive experience as a coach to top corporate leaders she has been, and continues to be, a pioneer in her field of consulting psychology. With this compelling book – a must read for anyone involved with the development of senior business leaders - Wasyshylyn has taken us 'behind the executive door' and provided a rare opportunity to witness the power of transformational coaching in action."
—Tom Kaney, Managing Partner, McKnight-Kaney

"The case studies in Destined to Lead take us into the depth of the work of a true master in the field of executive coaching. Through her stunning approach, Wasylyshyn has not only developed great leaders, she has taken a dramatically quantum leap from what even the best psychotherapy could accomplish."
—Paul F. Koprowski, Family Business Advisor

"Wasylyshyn is an extraordinary gift to the business world. She is a transformational advisor to some of America's top business leaders, and her books and treatises illustrate the rare insight and complete understanding she brings to each engagement. This book, even more than her others, gives clear evidence of the impact she has had on hundreds of executive engagements in her distinguished career. Her astute observations are a testimonial to the rare and wonderful legacy of her involvement. You will see...there is no one who has done more to improve business leadership in our era!"
—Stephanie W. Naidoff, former President and CEO, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, USA

"With Destined to Lead, Karol Wasylyshyn turbans the rainbow of art/science/theory/practice into a laser of insight and wonder. A seminal work!"
—Frank Smith, Former Vice President of Organization Development, Revlon

"Since becoming CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, I have seen close up the value that Wasylyshyn has helped unlock in the company's senior leaders over nearly two decades. This book is not only a testimony of her uncommon capabilities in helping senior business leaders realize the full extent of their capabilities, it also provides a rare and provocative look at exactly how Wasylyshyn - as a master coach and trusted advisor - engaged her clients in a manner that accelerated both their growth and sustained effectiveness."
—Sir Andrew Witty, CEO, GlaxoSmithKline

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About the Author

Since 1990, Karol M. Wasylyshyn has run her private consulting practice, Leadership Development Forum, serving senior business executives in global companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Colgate Palmolive, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Revlon, U.S. Steel, and The Vanguard Group. Widely published in her field, her books include Behind the Executive Door and two volumes of poetry focused on business leaders.

Table of Contents

1The Relentless Champion
2Destined to Lead
3The Recovering Perfectionist
4The Duality Within
5The Demon Slayer: Conquering a Dark Side of Difference
6A Mid-Life Reinvention
7Fighting the Force of Old Habits
8The Reluctant President
9The Reluctant President Revisited
10On Making the Transition from Executive Coach to Trusted Advisor
11The Case Studies: A Comparison of Client/Trusted Advisor Perspectives
Coda: As to the Future...

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