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The Effective Manager
Mark Horstman

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Format: Hardcover, 208pp.
ISBN: 9781119244608
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: July 5, 2016

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Item No: 9781119244608

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Regardless of how long you've been managing or how many people report to you, statistics show you probably aren't getting the most out of your team. It's not because you can't be a great manager—you've just never been given the training on the basics of management. For the frontline managers, directors, and even executives who want actionable advice for optimizing their performance, The Effective Manager is here!

Whether you're in sales, engineering, marketing, operations, logistics, software development, or any other field—the two most important responsibilities of any manager are to get results and retain your team. No other guide on the market gives you data-driven guidance along with corresponding tools to help you do so. Over one million people a month download the award-winning Manager Tools podcast, and now this inclusive, go-to resource puts all the same strategies, techniques, and perfected tools at your fingertips.

This book will give you a step-by-step plan for transforming your relationships with your direct reports. Manager Tools has surveyed/tested over 90,000 managers over the past 20 years. Based on that data, it provides the best ways to achieve the four critical managerial behaviors:

Build Relationships. Why talking all the time doesn't work to build trust. Why most managers focus on the wrong topics when chatting with directs. How to build trust through frequency and high-quality communications. How and why to introduce, brief, start, and continue the most important tool: One On Ones.
Communicate About Performance. Managers say they want more feedback and guidance from their boss but then they make the same mistake with their own team members. They don't know what to say, or when to say it, or why directs push back on corrective guidance. You'll learn here how to rollout feedback so that you can address positive or negative situations in less than 10 seconds. No drama, just better results.
Ask for More. Great managers are never satisfied. They inspire and praise, and also identify areas for improvement. They work with their team to improve each member's productivity by collaborating on goals and a plan to get there. The Coaching Model allows you to improve skills in 10 minutes a week—and without spending hours on a detailed five month growth plan.
Push Work Down. The very best managers challenge their teams to do more by sharing their own work, exposing directs to higher level challenges, and freeing up their own time to get more done that only they can do. Learn how to Delegate a responsibility in five minutes.

Discover how managers all over the world have elevated their ability to do their jobs well and earn the respect and admiration of their teams with the proven methodology in The Effective Manager.


"This book provides invaluable, actionable guidance for all managers. It will challenge some of the assumptions that you have about what makes an “Effective Manager”, and it will make you much more effective in your role. I say this with confidence, having followed much of the advice in this book for the past six years."
—Marc Grainger, Managing Director, Human Resources, Credit Suisse

“I have first listened to Horstman’s advice in 2006. I have waited, thought about it, procrastinated, tried to find a catch, surrendered to my fears, hunted for the unclear, the over-simplification, any flaws. Eventually, when there were no excuses left and things at work still needed improvement, I began to focus on the 4 core management principles Horstman has established and did what he suggests. Very quickly, my team responded with thankfulness (!), and our results got better. “Know your people, talk about performance, ask for more, and push work down” is simply what you have to do if you want to call yourself a professional manager."
—Dirk Boergers, Company Manager, Stage Entertainment Group Germany

"I was very fortunate to come across Manager Tools over 10 yrs. ago and I've continued to listen ever since. I've also attended the in-person training and have purchased multiple products...each has delivered value far in excess of its price. It's rare to find such specific, actionable, and effective guidance...and I usually find opportunities to apply this guidance within days!"
—Graham Cochrane, Senior IT Manager, TD Bank Group

"The application of Manager Tools guidance and principles are core to my success communicating with others and delivering the most value from my organization."
—aul M. Witt, Associate Director, The Dow Chemical Company

"Having been trained as a scientist, the Manager Tools as available via podcast and conference have always appealed to me for their rational construction and the analysis that accompanies their introduction. I am excited to have the basic tools available now in book form where they can also benefit people that are not listening to podcasts. When I am asked how I learned what I do, I will be referring people to this written version in the future!"
—Rob Hooft, Manager, ELIXIR Netherlands

"Mark Horstman's The Effective Manager represents best practices. Managers and organizations can and should adopt them with confidence. Mark provides a clear blueprint on how better relationships will drive better results. I know from direct experience they adopt very well in academic and non-profit environments, and I only wish I had adopted these practices twenty-five years ago when I started in industry. I will keep several copies on hand to give to colleagues."
—The Rev. Raymond Bonwell, Director, Organizational Training & Development, The Board of Pensions of the Presbytarian Church

"The tools that Mark Horstman and his colleagues provide have been an integral part of my work for over the past decade as an executive in two separate mid-sized non-profit education organizations. All managers within my span of control regularly use the core elements of The Effective Manager Trinity. Their effect has been unequivocal-equipping managers to be more effective, ensuring employees have managers who engage in sound practice which allows them to better pursue their professional and personal aspirations, and, most critically, allowing my organization to better pursue our mission of educating children in a traditionally underserved community for college and a life of active citizenship. From beginning managers to experienced executives across non-profit and for-profit sectors, I would recommend The Effective Manager as the very first resource to use to help you and your organization improve. I could not recommend it more highly!"
—Ronald C. Brady, Regional Director, Democracy Prep Public Schools

"I started listening to Manager Tools eight years ago when I was a direct in a team. After eight years I have been promoted into management, senior management, and finally into Directorship . This year I will become a Managing Director. The rapid advancement of my career is due to the implementation of the behaviors you will find in this book."
—Stephen Robison, Associate Director, WYG

"Before using Manager Tools, my one on ones were more manager-directed. Did I get across my message? Did I get the information I needed? By switching that mindset and committing to that time every week without change (95% of the time), my relationships with others changed dramatically. I still received the information I needed, but directs received the information they needed as well. I was able to allow more autonomy, and people felt more empowered. In addition, I've recently switched places in my organization, and former direct reports have told me how much they miss the one on ones. That's because of the MT structure, and allowing it to be their meeting, not mine. Thank you for helping me be a better manager."
—Stan Ponder, Sr. Learning Technologist, Center for Learning Innovation

"There has been no greater resource more responsible for my professional success than Manager-Tools. And I spent a lot of money on an MBA."
—Jonathan Giglio, Project Manager, IBM

"Every day in every city across the world, lax management causes missed opportunities, creates delays and drives up costs. Skillful management is slowly but surely disappearing. No one teaches this stuff. Until now. This book opened my eyes to a wealth of untapped opportunities. All the recommendations are actionable. No other resource has been as valuable to me in my professional growth."
—David Wood, Vice President of Engineering, Swisher International, Inc.

"Manager Tools has been part of my life every week for the past 6 years, be that thru podcasts or TITIT. A big thank you to Mark and the team, it’s helped and challenged me in equal measures to do the right things, at the right time to execute our strategies for the business. The advice is simple and straight forward and sits on your shoulder like a little man constantly reminding you how to perform at your best!"
—Wayne Hollinshead, CEO, Pattonair

"If you are a new manager, new supervisor, or merely someone who aspires to become a manager, you must read this book. The guidance that the Manager Tools team provides will enable you to quickly build trust, navigate tricky situations, and set you apart from your peers. I directly contribute my own success as a manager and the strong performance of my teams to the common sense approach to management that I have learned from Manager Tools."
—Kevin J. Cryblskey, Regional Manager, Operations, Enterprise Products Company

"There is no better management training than Manager-Tools! Believe me, I've looked...I've used their trinity as well as their hiring recommendations at both my ambulance service and in the hospital with great results. The information in the book is actionable and will tell you not only what to do but how to do it. Buy it today!"
—Ryan D. Lybeck, Regional Emergency Management Specialist, Fairview Health Services

"The guidance delivered in The Effective Manager is the most actionable you will ever read. Mark and team consistently deliver not just what you need to do to be effective, but a step-by-step guide for HOW to do it. Few will argue with the premise that teams perform better when strong relationships exist between the team members and the manager. There are hundreds of books and thousands of articles supporting this claim. The burning question of ‘HOW do I build effective relationships with my directs?’ is not addressed adequately in any of these sources. Happy hours and taco Tuesdays are fun, but they won't get you where you need to be. The Effective Manager will give you step-by-step guidance on this and many other aspects of management that will make you much more effective."
—Dax Middlebrooks, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Murgers and Acquisitions, Halliburton

"Mark is clear in what he recommends and his advice has a proven record of making managers, and their organisations, better. Drucker's advice is great for leaders. Horstman's tools are vital for managers."
—Simon Collier, Manager, IT Solutions & Standards, University of Alberta

"If you're looking for a management resource that is tangible, practical, and actionable, you've found it with The Effective Executive. Having this material at hand is like spending hours with an extraordinary mentor. A word of caution: don't read this book if you're afraid of getting noticed. As you implement what you will learn your manager will be amazed, your co-workers inquisitive and your direct reports thankful."
—D. Stewart, Factory Manager, Raytheon Company

"The Effective Manager has been the Rosetta Stone of my management career. Putting this guidance into practice can truly take your management approach from middling to good or from good to world-class."
—Andrew Farmer, Manager, PayPal Inc.

"The Effective Manager is the distillation of years of experience, speaking, writing, and podcasting into an information-rich but easily digestible format. From good relationships to getting results and retaining employees, Manager Tools gives every manager the playbook & actionable steps to be more effective than 97% of their peers. I recommend it without reservation."
—Brian Baute, Chief Information Officer, Quens University of Charlotte

"This is a must read for both emerging and existing managers. The detailed and actionable guidance gives you step by step instructions on how to become more effective in your organisation. The information transcends generations, countries and cultures and is proven with years of data. Managing people is much easier and more effective with these tools."
—Savaille, Managing Director, Management PT

"Mark's work here is immeasurable! He delivers actionable step by step guidance for managerial concepts that every manager should know and use daily. I have used his guidance for over 9 years in multiple management and non-management positions. It has help me break down barriers with directs who were considered "non-approachable" and eventually get them promoted to management. Mark’s feedback model has made driving correct behaviors and change simple and easy. It was something I used to fear, now it has become a simple daily habit. My team loves it, my manager has started using it and loves it. I can't say enough about how easy he has made being a manager!"
—Jex, Associate Manager, Harris Corp

"The advice that Mark Horstman gives out is the most practical advice on management that you will find. This is not the latest fad management trend. It is all actionable and absolutely right on. Read this book and do what they say and you will be a more successful manager - period!"
—Lorne Cheeseman, CEO, Kestrel Biologic Inc.

"I initially rolled out the trinity within my department and started seeing instant results. Now that I have been promoted to General Manager, I'm using the tools to manage all of my staff, and my managers have started using them too without me even having to encourage them. The walls put up by the most guarded people on my team have now been broken, the weakest performers are improving rapidly, and our team has never been more coherent or productive than now. I feel more in control, and my staff feels respected and has clarity around where they stand. I can't thank you enough Mark for opening my eyes on what it means to be a great manager."
—Grose, General Manager, Tranen Revegetation Systems

"I can't overstate how much The Effective Manager has made a positive and long-lasting impact in my career and in those of my colleagues. I had no idea how ineffective my behaviors as a manager and professional were until I read about the Manager Tools fundamentals of building relationships, communicating about performance, and building the effectiveness of the organization. The Effective Manager is foundational reading for any professional who is serious about reaching his or her potential and growing that potential in one's self and others."
—Robby Jones, Customer Service Manager, TVA

"Mark Horstman taught me a vital lesson about management: there's no voodoo. It's all about relationships, behavior and results. If you want the latest management trends and lingo, don't read this book. But if you want to learn how to act consistently and effectively, buy the book, read it, and immediately share it with your entire organization."
—J. Reitz, Executive Vice President, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

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About the Author

Mark Horstman is cofounder and managing partner of Manager Tools LLC, the producer of the #1 business podcast in the world, Manager Tools, which has been downloaded over 250 million times. Manager Tools coaches and trains managers, executives, and organizations on how to optimize the effectiveness of managers. It is a three-time recipient of the Business Podcast of the Year award.

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