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The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace: Know What Boosts Your Value, Kills Your Chances, and Will Make You Happier
Cy Wakeman

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Format: Hardcover, 208pp.
ISBN: 9781118413685
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

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Item No: 9781118413685

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

The key to understanding how your manager calculates your real value—and how to boost it

More than anything else, you need to understand exactly how your employer evaluates you, and your annual performance review doesn't tell the whole story. In The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace, Cy Wakeman shows how to calculate how your true value to your organization by understanding your current and future potential against your "emotional expense"—the toll your actions and attitudes take on the people around you. With Cy's clear, straight-to-the-point advice, you can confront and reduce your emotional costliness, become an invaluable member of your team, and even learn to love your job again.
  • Reveals a formula for measuring your current performance, future potential, and the biggest detractor, your emotional expense
  • Shares real-world advice for quickly boosting your value and becoming a highly-valued, sought after employee and teammate
  • Builds on the lessons in Reality-Based Leadership, Cy Wakeman's first book for leaders and managers
The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace is the essential guide for boosting your value, owning your career, and becoming the kind of employee no organization can afford to lose.


“The best way to be valued at work is to add a ton of value, and Cy Wakeman shows you exactly how to do it in today's fast-moving, technology-fueled workplace. She'll also guide you to getting your MOJO back as an employee. An invaluable tool for those who want success at work and at home.”
—Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

“I don't know how she topped Reality-Based Leadership, but she did. This is, simply put, a GREAT book! Every business needs to buy every employee a copy of it.”
—Larry Winget, New York Times bestselling author, Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get A Life and It's Called Work for a Reason!

“Cy Wakeman's approach and methodology have made a profound difference with myself and my team. If you are interested in taking back control of your personal business success, read The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace. Every person within an organization can reclaim his or her ability to add significant value, and she will show you how.”
—John McVeigh, president, O.C. Tanner Recognition Company Limited

“This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt dissatisfied, unappreciated, or fed up with his or her job. In The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace, Cy Wakeman delivers (with tough love and humor) an incredibly liberating reality check: you are the cause of your own suffering, and only you have the power to end it. Wakeman compels readers to ditch the excuses, take back control of their happiness at work, and discover that the jobs they've always wanted were there all along.”
—Chris Powell, executive vice president, human resources, Scripps Networks Interactive

“It gets more challenging every year to ensure employees are highly engaged, and it's a critical concern for leaders in nearly every organization today. The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace reveals what's been missing from well-intentioned, yet often ineffective, engagement programs: an expectation that employees have significant responsibility for their happiness at work. Once we embrace the reality that engagement is tied to personal accountability, organizations will have a happier, more engaged workforce, and healthier bottom lines.”
—Caroline Stockdale, senior vice president, human resources, Medtronic

“In The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace, Cy Wakeman challenges us to take a look in the mirror, give up our self-defeating stories, and accept responsibility for our own success. With her quick wit and compelling stories, Wakeman turns doubters into believers who demonstrate their value and find happiness at work. She's the straight-shooting yet empowering mentor you wish you had.”
—Philip Wilner, vice president and medical director, behavioral health, New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center

“Cy Wakeman’s new book is for every member of the workforce who wants to elevate his or her performance to a higher level. The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace provides invaluable tools for converting the energy spent on feelings of frustration, complacency, and hopelessness into fuel for finding happiness and achieving your fullest potential. Cy’s philosophy and tools have been invaluable in helping our leaders learn to embrace accountability, and the positive response from employees has been overwhelming.”
—Alyson Guthrie, chief human resources officer, Crowell & Moring

“One of my biggest disappointments as a CEO is the significant number of good employees we have lost because some incident changed their attitude almost overnight. It is great to finally have a book that helps employees understand how management views them and that they can totally control that perception. The greatest benefit to The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace is that it teaches us all how to be more accountable in our own careers. Every college student should read this to prepare them for the real world and how to thrive in it.”
—Mike Rydin, president and CEO, HCSS

“In The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace, Cy Wakeman reveals that the key ingredient to both high performance and happiness is simple: personal accountability. With a no-holds-barred approach and practical tools, Wakeman helps employees discover a newfound sense of happiness and control in their work.”
—Kim Ferrarie, senior vice president, human resources, Air Liquide

“Cy Wakeman’s newest book is for every member of the workforce who wants to elevate his or her performance to a higher level of greatness. The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace provides tools for converting any disengagement you are feeling toward your current company into powerful action to re-engage and achieve your fullest potential. We are using Cy’s philosophy and tools in our leadership development programs, and the response has been overwhelming! I highly recommend this book if you are ready to challenge yourself to let go of any blockers that are preventing you from being your best.”
—Ken Myers, senior vice president and chief human resources officer, Hospira, Inc.

“The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace is an essential guide to facing the real challenges you deal with every day and seizing the opportunities they represent, instead of feeling victimized. Cy Wakeman shows how you can adopt a no-nonsense approach to owning your career and becoming the kind of employee no organization would want to lose.”
—Ed Bjurstrom, general manager, Gilead Sciences

“The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace is spot on! It provides a suite of tangible tools that empower employees to take control of their work life. We all want to determine our own destiny, how we contribute at work, and how we feel about it. This book is key to moving forward! The messages Cy provides are easy to understand and apply across environments.”
—Shannon Bell, executive coach and organizational development consultant

“If you are an employee or you have employees, The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace is a must-read for thriving in today’s marketplace. Cy provides simple steps to developing a culture where employees are contributors and drivers of your basic operating principles, and she provides tips on how to enhance business results by creating relationships that are meaningful and success-filled for employees, coworkers, and your business.”
—Cindy Williams, organizational development specialist, Bayer CropScience

“The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace is a gem for anyone holding a job, and for those who evaluate the work of other people. Totally engaging, funny at times, and an easy read. This book is packed with questions to ask yourself and guidance toward the best, most productive answers to drive success for yourself, your coworkers, and your business. Cy has hit this one out of the park!”
—Gordon Whitten, serial entrepreneur and innovation expert

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Cy Wakeman is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, a dynamic national keynote speaker, executive coach, entrepreneur and leadership thought leader. Her innovative yet practical approach to leadership has helped transform leaders and their organizations. Cy teaches audiences and leaders how to identify common limitations, quantify the cost of poor leadership and workplace drama and create a new mindset to achieve results beyond their wildest dreams. Cy's corporate training programs build successful leaders and teams. Her approach is unconventional, candid, and entertaining. Based on her hard-hitting philosophy, "Reality-Based Leadership™," Cy has helped many groups and organizations break through their reasons, stories and excuses and move to their next level of success. Cy's "Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace" has so far reached #7 on the New York Times Bestsellers List and #2 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller's list. Designed to help every employee move past their own limiting thoughts and become reality-based, Cy identifies and explains the new way that organizations measure and value work and how they can succeed by knowing the equation. Delivered straight up, Cy enlightens us by showing how to live in the new reality and how you can find joy in your work.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: The New Rules of the Game1
1Your Current Performance17
2Your Future Potential37
3Your Emotional Expensiveness61
4Rule #1: Your Level of Accountability Determines Your Level of Happiness, so DON’T HOPE TO BE LUCKY. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.77
5Rule #2: Suffering Is Optional, so DITCH THE DRAMA!97
6Rule #3: Buy-In Is Not Optional. YOUR ACTION, NOT OPINION, ADDS VALUE.123
7Rule #4: Say ‘‘Yes’’ to What’s Next. CHANGE IS OPPORTUNITY.137
8Rule #5: You Will Always Have Extenuating Circumstances. SUCCEED ANYWAY.149
Call to Action Put the New Rules to Work165

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Reality-Based Leadership: Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses into Results

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