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The Strategy Book
Max Mckeown

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Format: Paperback, 264pp.
ISBN: 9780273757092
Publisher: FT Press
Pub. Date: January 19, 2012

Average Customer Review:
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Item No: 9780273757092

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Delivers the most important, practical knowledge on using strategy to deliver success in a competitive world and so you can get what you want from your business.

An essential read for any leader or manager, explaining how strategy can help them get the results they want and engage people with the strategy they create.

Readers can depend upon this book to help them understand what strategy can do for them and how to create powerful strategies, based on what we know about the science of strategy.

This is an extremely practical, fully cross-referenced guide to strategy that is easy to use time and time again. It can be read as a whole or readers can dip into the easy-to-read, bite-size sections as and when they need to deal with a particular issue.

Includes practical advice and expert tips about strategy, techniques and approaches, and includes punchy, memorable examples from real leaders winning (and losing) with real world strategies


The Strategy Book focuses on how you can create powerful strategies to deliver success in a competitive world. It answers the following questions:
  • What do we know about strategy?
  • What can strategy do for you?
  • How can you effectively use strategy tools?
  • How can you engage people with strategy?
  • How do you avoid pitfalls, problems, and screw-ups?
Using the science of strategy, The Strategy Book will help you tackle the really important challenges you face both in developing strategies and putting them into action. Its aim is to give you best ideas wrapped up in a usable, enjoyable package.


"My God, a strategy book that actually makes sense? Imagine that... Most strategy books are either exercises in waffling and vague generalities, or mind-numbingly boring laundry lists of could-a, would-a, should-a. Max Mckeown's take on strategy is neither, and as an antidote he has given us The Strategy Book, where no-nonsense pragmatism meets imagination and adaptive flexibility. This book reads the way a good strategic plan should – guidance but not dogma, to the point but with an eye open to alternative possibilities. It just might be the cheapest form of strategic insurance ever created."
—Professor Alf Rehn, author of Dangerous Ideas, internationally active speaker and consultant

"Max has a gift to reverse engineer complexity in a way that leaders can truly navigate how to lead their business, their people and their lives with both clarity and confidence. I would say Max is a preeminent map maker of our times."
—Jennifer Sertl, President Agility3R and co-author Strategy Leadership & the Soul

‘It’s unusual for a management book to encourage readers to ask uncomfortable questions about their own products, leading to uncomfortable answers, and then to stimulate the inspiration and imagination to address those issues effectively. Max explains a range of perspectives and tools with admirable clarity. However, we don’t lose sight of the underlying challenges and risks in strategy development and implementation. This is a book that disturbs and demystifies in a creatively helpful way.’
—Professor David A. Buchanan, Author of Organizational Behaviour, Cranfield University

“Max de-clutters corporate speak and opens up strategy to everyone. His no nonsense approach to corporate strategy will teach you to look at your business like never before. In person, his insight is scalpel sharp and this book is a masterclass in improving your strategic thinking. You will learn to ask the big questions that need to be asked to get the core of strategic success.”
—Steve Fortune, Global Leadership Development at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

‘I love this book. Max Mckeown has the gift of making complex ideas accessible as well as enjoyable. One of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is making strategy come alive – especially with respect to innovation. Max demystifies the strategy process, bringing it to life with great examples. He challenges the reader to really think- as well as have the guts to take action. With its rich array of strategy tools, this book will help any reader bridge the ‘theory-practice gap’ to produce results which really matter.’
—Professor Linda Holbeche, Author of The High Performance Organisation, Centre for Leadership Innovation, University of Bedfordshire

"This book fills a gap in the strategy literature between toolkits, frameworks, implementation and the individual. Max Mckeown provides not only an array of fine examples from a wide range of organizations, but also challenges the reader by presenting strategy as both an everyday performance and as a down to earth art. It is a book which will appeal to practitioners and students alike and it provides a richness and a challenge to the often stultified frameworks which have come to characterise strategy".
—Professor David Wilson, Author of Strategy: Analysis & Practice, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick

"Having worked with Max on innovation I had high expectations for The Strategy Book. In short - worth the wait, this is a great and truly helpful book which I fully expect to reference back to for years to come. Max has the ability to articulate clearly the challenges most organisations face in shaping their futures - and with consummate swagger, mixed with real life, powerful examples - guides you through strategic thinking relevant to not only today, but you and the job you do."
—Geir Holmer, ex-Virgin Media , Independent Consultant

"After thoroughly enjoying (and benefiting greatly from) The Truth About Innovation, I was anxiously awaiting Max's next winner...and I think it's here! The Strategy Book totally demystifies 'strategy' for us non-MBA-types struggling to keep pace with the growing demands on our creativity and ability to lead from the front everyday...I look forward to this book hitting the shelves as I will be investing in a few copies for my team - material that we will refer to as a working guide to the strategic and planning process...and beyond! Another brilliant one from Max!!!"
—Rahim Dawood, Manager, Systems and Technology

"This book is highly recommended reading and also a useful tool for military thinkers. It has a very good structure making it easy to embrace the powerful ideas inside.”
—Harri Ohra-aho, Brigadier General of the Finnish Defence Forces

" If you want to become a better strategic thinker, read Max’s new book. Succinct and to-the-point, he captures the essence of strategy. With a passion and style all of his own, he connects insights from leading strategy gurus to successful practices in leading companies."
—Simon Collinson, Professor of Strategy, Henley Business School

"Max has his very own style of talking strategy - crossing all corporate and conventional boundaries. McKeown continues to walk the talk as a restless contributor for unconventional ideas. Follow the grandmaster of Innovation into new dimensions of strategy for the 21st century. A great book that’s also fun to read."
—Jan-Henrik Andersson, Operations Director Metro AG

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About the Author

Max Mckeown is an author, consultant and popular speaker in the strategy field. He shares cutting edge research with clients in the real world of major corporations. Max has a PhD and MBA with a speciality in strategy and strategic change. His clients sit across multiple sectors including: Microsoft, Virgin, Sun International, 2012 Olympics, Toyota and TopShop. He is the author of several books including E-Customer, Why They Don’t Buy, Unshrink and The Truth about Innovation.

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