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Achieve Leadership Genius: How You Lead Depends on Who, What, Where, and When You Lead

Drea Zigarmi, Susan Fowler and Dick Lyles

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Format: Hardcover, 336pp.
ISBN: 9780132353762
Publisher: Financial Times Press
Pub. Date: May 14, 2007

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Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Hundreds and hundreds of leadership books have been published over the years. Almost all of them treat leadership as if “one size fits all”: as if leadership skills were “one trick pony” skills that can be applied across any circumstance. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Leadership genius depends on your ability to recognize the setting you are leading in. Are you leading a team? Leading one person? Leading yourself? Leading an entire organization? Leading an alliance? Who, what, when, and where you lead determines how you should lead.

This book presents a detailed, practical, and skill-based framework any leader can use to become dramatically more effective.

Another aspect of leadership genius is realizing that within each setting, or context, a leader must also be able to adapt to a wide variety of scenarios. The authors show you how to bring your best to bear in any circumstance, and in every facet of the leadership process: envisioning, initiation, and implementation.

From start to finish, this book addresses both the high-level and ‘micro’ skills that define leadership genius—guiding readers systematically through assessing their current behaviors and moving toward excellence.
  • Develop the attributes of leadership genius
    Skillfully respond to what the context and circumstances demand of you as a leader
  • Move beyond the leadership “quick fix”
    Discover a solid, proven framework for becoming a contextual leader
  • Master the five contexts of leadership
    Lead yourself... lead one-to-one... lead teams, organizations, and alliances
  • Master the skills of all five leadership practices
    Prepare, envision, initiate, assess, and respond
  • Leverage your leadership success; move from individual to organizational excellence
    A new view of leadership and its imperatives
Leadership is not a “one size fits all” pursuit . . . different scenarios require different techniques. . . learn them in this book!
  • How to lead individuals, teams, organizations, alliances, and above all, yourself
  • The five crucial leadership practices that work no matter who you’re leading
  • How to handle the unique issues that arise in every leadership context and situation
What does it really take to become a great leader? Commitment, hard work...and a framework for leading that gives you clarity when there’s chaos all around you.

That framework exists. It’s called Contextual Leadership. This book will help you master it, and put it to work. You’ll discover high-level and “micro”-level techniques you needto achieve breakthrough effectiveness. You’ll practice them, internalize them, make them yours.

This bookdraws on more than forty years of research, and the extraordinary personal experience of three renowned leadership consultants—all alumni of the legendary Ken Blanchard Companies.

Its techniques are tested. Proven. They’re not a quick fix. But, as thousands of leaders can tell you, they work.


“This is not one of those leadership books to be scanned and tossed aside. Instead, it is a special book that deserves to be closely read and then kept nearby so that you can draw upon it again and again as you seek to lead effectively.”
—David Gergen, Professor, Harvard’s Kennedy School, Director, Center for Public Leadership

“Drea, Susan, and Dick are three of the nation’s most innovative, perceptive, and gifted management thinkers. Their book, Achieve Leadership Genius, is an exceptional tour de force against which all books brave enough to tackle the critical issue of leadership must be judged.”
—Sheldon Bowles, Best-selling Co-author, Raving Fans, Gung Ho!, and High Five

“A gem! One of the first books I’d recommend to a novice or champion if they want to learn about improving the lives they lead and make the journey to leadership mastery.”
—Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Management, University of Southern California, author of On Becoming a Leader

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Reader's Index 
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About the Authors

Dr. Drea Zigarmi is Founding Associate of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, and co-creator of Situational Leadership® II, today’s best-of-class developmental leadership model. He co-authored the two-million-copy best-seller Leadership and the One Minute Manager, and most recently, The Leader Within. He has trained 50,000 managers from organizations ranging from American Honda to IBM, Nissan to Siemens, McDonnell-Douglas to The San Diego Padres.
Susan Fowler is one of the world’s foremost experts on personal empowerment. She is creator and lead developer of The Ken Blanchard Companies Situational Self Leadership, today’s best-of-class self-leadership and personal empowerment program. Fowler’s publications include The Team Leader’s Idea-a-Day Guide (with Drea Zigarmi), Empowerment (with Ken Blanchard), and Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager (with Ken Blanchard and Laurence Hawkins).
Dr. Dick Lyles is President and CEO of Leadership Legacies, a company that focuses on developing a new generation of leaders. He co-founded Maric College in San Diego, is past President of the Ken Blanchard Companies, and currently sits on the Board of Directors for a number of firms. His best-selling books include Winning Ways: Four Secrets for Getting Great Results by Working Well with People.

Table of Contents
About the Authors
Part One: The Five Contexts
1The Self Context: Your Role In Creating Meaningful Work
2The One-to-one Context: Your Role In Developing Individual Excellence
3The Team Context: Your Role In Facilitating High-impact Teams
4The Organizational Context: Your Role In Generating The Organization’s Vitality
5The Alliance Context: Your Role In Fostering Strategic Relationships
Part Two: The Five Practices of Contextual Leadership
6Prepare: The First Leadership Practice
7Prepare: What’s Driving Your Leadership Behavior?
8Prepare: Leading With Developed Values
9Prepare: Investigating Your Persona
10Prepare: The Challenge Of Change
11Envision: The Second Leadership Practice
12Envision In The Self Context
13Envision In The One-to-one Context
14Envision In The Team Context
15Envision In The Organizational Context
16Envision In The Alliance Context
17Initiate: The Third Leadership Practice
18Initiate In The Self Context
19Initiate In The One-to-one Context
20Initiate In The Team Context
21Initiate In The Organizational Context
22Initiate In The Alliance Context
23Assess: The Fourth Leadership Practice
24Assess In The Self Context
25Assess In The One-to-one Context
26Assess In The Team Context
27Assess In The Organizational Context
28Assess In The Alliance Context
29Respond: The Fifth Leadership Practice
Part Three: The Promise And Challenge Of Contextual Leadership
30A New View Of Leadership
31Leadership Imperatives

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