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It Starts With One: Changing Individuals Changes Organizations
J. Stewart Black and Hal B. Gregersen

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Format: Hardcover, 201pp.
ISBN: 9780133407303
Publisher: Wharton School Publishing
Pub. Date: November 21, 2013

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Item No: 9780133407303

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Today, virtually every organization faces massive change. Unfortunately, change is extraordinarily difficult, and most attempts to initiate and sustain it fail. In It Starts with One, J. Stewart Black and Hal B Gregersen identify the core problem: changing individuals and the “mental maps” inside their heads must happen before you can change the organization.

Just as actual maps guide people’s footsteps, mental maps guide daily behavior. Successful strategic change for the organization is all about changing individual mental maps and behaviors first, because they are the organization.

To change organizations, you must break through your own brain barrier–and help those around you do the same. One step at a time, It Starts with One shows how to do that: how to create new destinations, and new, more inspiring effective paths to sustainable change. Black and Gregersen systematically identify the brain barriers that stand in your way: failure to see, failure to move, and failure to finish. Drawing on their extensive experience consulting with world-class organizations, they offer integrated tools, strategies, and solutions for overcoming each of these obstacles.

This edition offers even more effective tools, more guidance on leading change in globalizing environments, and more insight into changing your own mental maps...liberating yourself to transform your entire organization.
  • Overcoming the failure to see
    Why organizations miss obvious market transformations–and what to do about it
  • Breaking through the failure to move
    Why people fail to change even when they see the need–and how to break through this barrier
  • Conquering the failure to finish
    Why change “stalls out” and how to maintain the momentum
  • Anticipating change
    Why too often people let the need to change become a crisis before acting–to build to a crisis before acting–and how to create the capability to anticipate change, move when needed, and finish in the future without “being told”
To Change the Organization, First Change the Individual.
To Change the Individual, Read This Book!


“This book broke my own brain barrier, asking me to think differently about ideas and processes that I’d become too comfortable with. It’s a significant contribution to the field of organizational change and will undoubtedly help us be more successful with change. And I love the maps–they provoke my intellect and imagination.”
—Margaret J. Wheatley, Author of Leadership and the New Science, Turning to One Another, and Finding Our Way

“What a pleasure to find a book on change focused on ‘leading’ rather than ‘managing’ change. Leaders create change; they don’t react to it. This book addresses the crux of that leadership issue by focusing on people, where the real change must occur.”
—Richard D. Hanks, Chairman and President, Mindshare Technologies

“Few things add greater value than effectively leading strategic change. Few books show you how to do it better than this one.”
—Dave Ulrich, Author of Leadership Brand, Professor of Business, University of Michigan and Partner, The RBL Group

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Reader's Index 
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About the Authors

J. Stewart Black is a professor at INSEAD, the oldest and largest MBA program in Europe. An internationally recognized scholar on change and transformation, he is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the world and company functions. He is regularly sought out to work with leading companies on issues of strategy and strategic change, especially with regard to developing leaders and high-potential managers to initiate and execute change in themselves and others. Dr. Black has been a faculty member previously at the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College and The University of Michigan. He is the author of 10 other books and more than 100 articles and case studies that have been used in both university classrooms and corporate boardrooms. Dr. Black has lived, worked, and spent significant time in many countries including, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and France.

Hal B Gregersen is a professor of leadership at INSEAD where he delivers world-class research ideas on leading strategic change and innovation to executives from every continent. He regularly consults with senior teams, conducts executive seminars, and delivers keynote speeches on innovation and change in companies such as Christie’s, Daimler, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, LG, Marriott International, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, and Yahoo. Before joining INSEAD, Dr. Gregersen was a faculty member at the London Business School, the Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College, Brigham Young University, and Helsinki School of Economics, as well as a Fulbright Fellow at the Turku School of Economics. He has co-authored 9 other books and more than 90 articles and cases on leading innovation and change that have also been highlighted on CNN and in Business Week, Fortune, Psychology Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Dr. Gregersen calls Finland, France, and the U.S. his homes, having lived in all three countries. He also travels the world, camera in hand (a passionate avocation), photographing diverse people and places to foster deeper insight into the dynamics of innovation and change.

Table of Contents
1The Challenge of Leading Strategic Change1
2Barrier #1: Failure to See21
3Solutions and Tools for Breaking through Barrier #1: Helping People See the Need43
4Barrier #2: Failure to Move61
5Solutions and Tools for Breaking through Barrier #2: Helping People Make the Move71
6Barrier #3: Failure to Finish85
7Solutions and Tools for Breaking through Barrier #3: Helping People Fight through the Finish99
8Pulling It All Together111
9Getting Ahead of the Change Curve143

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