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Lessons from the Sandbox: Using the 13 Gifts of Childhood to Rediscover the Keys to Business Success

Dr. Alan Gregerman

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Format: Hardcover, 224pp.
ISBN: 9780809224388
Publisher: Contemporary Books
Pub. Date: May 2000

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Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

In Lessons from the Sandbox renowned consultant Alan Gregerman, shows how the insights gained from children can help companies to innovate, grow, and improve their bottom line performance.

Lessons is a book about the magic of childhood, the potential of adulthood, jumping in puddles, and prospering in tomorrow’s economy. Looking closely at the corporate world and the daily lives of children, Gregerman identifies 13 key “gifts” or talents we all possessed quite naturally as kids that are essential to business success. These are the gifts of play, enthusiasm, focus, urgency, leadership, wonder, curiosity, asking questions, trying new things, creativity, participation, making safe and cozy places, and accomplishing simple and great things. In addition to explaining these gifts and their importance, he shows in upbeat and practical terms how we can rediscover them and use them to improve corporate performance and our personal success.

The message of Lessons is simple and powerful. We all possess the innate ability to make a real difference in the world around us. But as we get older most of us lose the knack for tapping these gifts of childhood. And most companies lose the knack for inspiring us to really reach our full potential.

Lessons is a book for established companies and leaders who are looking for new ways to innovate, grow, and bring out the special talents in all of their people. It is also a book for entrepreneurs who are starting and building successful companies and would like to maintain their sense of energy, enthusiasm, and wonder. And, it provides new insight for everyone trying to balance work and family by showing how you can actually be more successful at work by spending time with and learning from children.

So if you have ever been a small child yourself or have small children in your life come join Alan Gregerman and his friends on a serious-and seriously fun-journey to the playground for some amazing lessons about leadership, learning, enthusiasm, asking a million questions, working together, thinking outside the box, and just plain having fun …lessons that we all knew naturally when we were kids. The success of your company could be waiting at the edge of the sandbox!


Alan Gregerman has a wonderful way of reminding us of valuable lessons we learned long ago. With clear words and poignant examples, he underscores how we can draw on our early heritage of wonder, enthusiasm, and participation to be more successful—and happier—in business and our personal lives. Lessons from the Sandbox is well worth the read.

—Jordan D. Lewis, Author of Partnerships for Profit, The Connected Corporation, and Trusted Partners

As the CEO of a global healthcare company and the father of four, all I can say about Lessons from the Sandbox is Yes, Yes, Yes! It is rare to find a book that is simple, informative, honest, and a lot of fun.

—Harry Jansen Kraemer, Jr., Chairman & CEO, Baxter International

Lessons from the Sandbox is simply awesome! Now I understand why I love being a mother and the CEO of a high tech company. It's all about making magic, feeling free to jump in a lot of puddles, and living and working at the speed of life.

—Lou Ann Scanlan, President & CEO, Uucom

Alan Gregerman has an uncanny way of relating business objectives to the talents and attitudes we all had as children. The result is funny and provocative.

—Paul V. Lombardi, President & CEO, Dyncorp

Lessons from the Sandbox is a wonderful book about recapturing the magic and sense of wonder we all had as children.

—Evelyne Steward, Vice President/Worklife, Discovery Communications

With a three-year-old at home, I couldn't tell if Lessons from the Sandbox was teaching me more about being a dad or about being a CEO! Regardless, it opened my mind and filled it with wonder.

—Daniel Simpkins, President And CEO, Salix Technologies

From Publishers Weekly:
Like Peanut Butter & Jelly Management by Chris Komisarjevsky (Forecasts,Mar. 20), this lighthearted book draws on the lessons of childhood and family life to instruct readers how to run more productive and successful companies. Gregerman, a Washington-based consultant, believes that every employee and manager would benefit from taking a more childlike approach to work. Specifically, Gregerman's Big Lesson #1 is "You can only do really good work if you enjoy what you're doing." Other lessons include: "Matters of the greatest importance require urgency and persistence"; "We can only learn and grow if we are willing to try new things"; and "Never assume that an older sister or a co-worker is an expert with a scissors." Although it's true that adults avoid puddles whereas children love jumping into them, Gregerman doesn't make a convincing case that jumping into a puddle will transform his readers into more creative problem solvers. Aside from all its amusing anecdotes and funny quotes from kids, however, this book isn't likely to satisfy those in search of substantive management advice. Agent, Nancy Crossman. (May) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.


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About the Author

Alan Gregerman, Ph.D., father of three, is founder and president of Venture Works, Inc., a Washington, D.C., consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients. He is an award-winning public speaker who is known as "the Robin Williams of business consulting."

Table of Contents
Part I:Living
The Gift of Play
The Gift of Enthusiasm and Energy
The Gift of Focus
The Gift of Urgency
The Gift of Leadership
Part II:Exploring
The Gift of Wonder
The Gift of Curiosity
The Gift of Questioning
The Gift of Trying
The Gift of Creativity and Innovation
Part III:Belonging
The Gift of Participation
The Gift of Cozy Places
The Gift of Accomplishment
A Note for Working Parents
Concluding Note
Appendix: Testing Your IQ
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