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Visitors to the LeaderShop appreciate complete information about the titles they are reviewing. We try to provide the most complete information available about the titles we offer found anywhere on the internet. You can help us to keep the information complete and fill in any gaps that might have existed when the titles were first presented on our site.

In addition, comments from the author themselves can add a lot to the information we are trying to present about your title. Author's messages could contain information about them, why they wrote the book, contact information, and/or a brief overview of the main concept or concepts they are trying to present in the book. The first form we provide is for the author's comments and the second form is for publisher's content.

These forms are for publisher's and author's use only. Reader's may make their comments on the Book Review Form.

Author Comment Form
Publisher's Book Content Form

Author Comment Form

We need your complete contact information. All fields are required. All of the contact information you provide is kept confidential unless you submit it in the connections field below. The information you provide helps us track the content we are receiving and protects the integrity of your product and its representation at the LeaderShop. Please enter this information in the spaces provided below. Please note that our Author Comment Form is intended for use only by the author(s) of the title. Submissions without complete and accurate contact information will not be processed.

If you would like people to be able to contact you, you may leave your e-mail address and/or web site address in the connections field. Although not required, we always appreciate links from your web site to ours.
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This form is for the author(s) use only.
Reader's may make their comments on the Book Review Form.


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